…WOW…I LIKE IT…gives a whole new dimension to the play…this is a keeper and the way of future coverage… :arrow:

definitely a keeper...looks like somethin outta the madden videogames.

I like it.
More angles to watch.

It reminded me of a video game at first too. I like it. The more available angles the better.

Great camera angles, I hope TSN can bring it at least for all the Friday night games next year.

but wouldnt they need alot of work to do the wiring needed for every stadium.

I don't think many of the stadiums have the necessary shape to permit such camerawork. Bowl or bust.

I love that flying cam they used. Maybe they could incorporate it into more games next year, I loved the angles it produced.

Watching the field goals were great. It really shows how far away the posts are.

ya cbc actually did some things good, first of all making the game in hd, secondly putting in that extra camera, now all they have to do is get rid of walby

I like it too.

I like it, but I hope they don't use it too much, I still love the traditional camera angles.