New Calgary Stadium Proposal

Sounds like a solid plan.

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This is a new twist on the fieldhouse, one of 4 major projects the city is a working to prioritize in their capital funds meeting. The other 3 is a new event centre (arena), expansion of the BMO Centre and expansion of the Arts Commons

If they’re going to consider this proposal and also look at the event center, wouldn’t CalgaryNext make more sense?

I think the CalgaryNext fieldhouse land needed millions (tens or even hundreds, as I recall) to clean up before they could even start construction, Plus, it was more centrally located and the city may have other designs for it.

Anyone here from Calgary and goes to games now? If so can you tell us (again?) why Calgary needs a new stadium?

I live in Calgary, and attend occasional Stamps games live.

Here are the most often heard positive things about the current McMahon – the location is good, and it has excellent sightlines.

Pretty much everything else is considered long obsolete. The patchwork upgrades over decades, narrow concourses and far too few bathroom facilities seem to be the biggest complaints. I’ve never found those things to be deal breakers, but I tend to go to games to actually watch football and don’t tend to care much about amenities.

McMahon is just a basic, old stadium. It’s in good shape, but time and trends have passed her by LONG ago.

To me, it seems like the new arena and stadium proposals in this city are quite premature and unreasonably optimistic. The economy is slowly coming around, but southern AB is still pretty down to be considering large luxury projects. I love the CFL, but there’s a time and place for stuff like this. In my opinion, the time isn’t now.

Wasn’t a fan of the fieldhouse/football stadium with Calgary Next, not a fan of this plan having a track.

It moves the fans too far from the field, and like Montreal it cuts the corners of a CFL field.

Is this location where the current Stadium is?

I get for the CFL, unless owners want to put big money into it, you have to compromise, but this set up is just plain bad.

I guess at least someone is talking stamps. From what I hear from family in Calgary, once the Flames bought the Stamps, you barely see any marketing for them anymore.

…I would disagree with that notion…the stamps are marketed better under Flames ownership than before, which wasn’t entirely bad either…TV and print media is adequately covered in the right season and they get pretty decent exposure on both QR77 and FAN960 radio…is it similar in popularity to what the riders experience in SK? No, but that’s a level only one team in the CFL gets to…

…as for the track, it’s a given (unfortunately)…it is a Field House after all not a purpose-built football stadium…

…on the positive side though is PBA’s involvement…this company (started in the 1950s) proceeds cautiously and methodically with their projects, creating legacy-type holdings rather than quick-dollar turn-arounds…they have an well-earned respect in the development community here, deep pockets and could act as great stewards for this project to work, especially when it comes to allowing city-hall personalities to take centre stage while PBA quietly does the actual work…this is a very positive aspect of this story IMO…

It would be hard to move the location of a knew stadium, I think the present location is just excellent, close to hotels , bars , stores , all within walking distance, I don’t think you could get a better location for the stadium than the present one.

Didn’t stop the Bombers from building IGF in a dumb spot.

I don’t know how expensive it would be, but I suppose they could put in retractable stands.

…possibly, not sure how the geometry works on that but it’s something they should look at…I dont’ think you can avoid the clipped endzones though, that’s a given when you float a CFL size field into a standard 400m track layout…

…not to pour water on this nice fire, but the city is at the same time reviewing three other substantial projects all in need of funding…the Arts Common is a reno to the old Science Centre on the west end of downtown, turning it into a new high-end public art gallery and performing centre…the BMO Expansion involves a significant add-on to the current convention centre to attract/handle larger events…and finally the Event Centre in the Vic-Park redevelopment scheme (apparently the sneaky way to refer to a large ice arena is to call it an Event Centre so the NHL guys don’t catch wind what the city is up to, seriously, our officials at city hall are that childish) is underway…all important projects but all requiring some heavy public funding…

Why would they want to hide it from the NHL guys?

I would have thought they’d name it that to hide it from people who don’t want tax dollars spent on professional sports infrastructure.

Should post this in the New buildings thread… keep it going.

My only question is, there’s still a running track around the outside of the field?

The company I work for has already provided budgetary consultation on these two projects … I can’t say much more than that, BUT these two may not be as “expensive” as people might think.

…oh that too, but the taxpayers are paying for this thing (to some degree) regardless of what it’s called…here’s how the talk went at the Calgary Planning Commission as few weeks ago:

Calgary Planning Commission: so what is that low, round thing in the middle of the towers?
City Planning: oooo, that’s the Event Centre
CPC: what is that?
CP: its a large building that seats about 20,000 ppl that can hold concerts and trade shows, and the floor can made into an ice surface
CPC: so, it’s an arena?
CP: no, it’s an Event Centre
CPC: and in this picture of the proposed development, the Saddledome is removed?
CP: yes! it is no longer required.
CPC: why?
CP: because the Event Centre will replace it
CPC: but it’s not an arena, for hockey?
CP: no (wink wink)

…I’m not factually off here either…one of the city councillors (Woolley?) called the proposal ‘disingenuous’ for not calling the building what it actually is…

…BMO has already been approved hasn’t it? and compared to the other two I’d agree with you on Arts Common, it’s mainly a reno of an existing building as opposed to something brand new…

My understanding is BMO has funding from the province just needs federal dollars to move forward.

Looks like all 4 projects have been prioitized

Comes down to timing and of course money. Good to see a stadium is at least part of the conversation again…we’ll see where this goes.

Findings from in terms of funding sources is expected by April.

…here’s a side-by-side for those unfamiliar with the current layout of the UofC sports lands: