New Bus stop??

what's up with this email from the Als???

Are they serious???

Make all the fans pile out the east entrance...what are we going to do?, leave in the 3rd quarter?...

Well if this is going continue, I am definately not renewing my tix next year..

Is this because of the neighbourhood?..

Dear fans,

Please note that for security purposes, the STM has moved the boarding location of the post-game shuttle service. As of tonight, the STM shuttle will depart from the east entrance/exit of Percival Molson Stadium only (corner Avenue du Parc/Avenue des Pins). The south entrance/exit departure will no longer be in service.

You will still be able to get off the shuttle at the south entrance before the game.

Thank you & Go Als Go!

Well, I know that Molson stadium is quaint, has a great view (but only for those gans on the north-side stands!) is intimate...etc. etc.

However, it is difficult to reach, there is absolutely no parking, it is located right beside the Montreal Neurologicial Institutes, squeezed between and among several McGill buildings, has very little access to public transport, is in the middle of a neighbourhood...etc.

So, as long as the Als remain there, I think the fans have to make known their frustration to the Als' management who must then in turn negotiate with the STM for alternate arrangements.

The only other solution is to build a new stadium!

First, they say went can't walk down the mountain, poor residents. Now hearded like sheep, out one exit to walk farther to cathch the stupid bus, that I don't want to take anyway. I am almost certain, that there will be a loss of season ticket holders for this inconvienence. I wish they would stop listening to the city and police, because they don't know all.

Because of Security LOL ! Sure. I'm curious what they will do about the new noise municipal by-law. $12 000.00 fine per incident of noise leaking off the property. People want to live downtown but are not prepared to tolerate others.

I know this may sound like "anathema sit" to many posters, but I have never been enamoured with Molson Stadium. It is, at best, a college stadium. I know, I know, they just spent millions of dollars to increae attendance, but they had to go through tons of red tape, fight City Hall, have many meetings with area residents, could not cut down trees...etc. etc.

The point remains, however, that the stadium is still inaccessible, is not directly served by public transit, and is squeezed between McGill sports factilities and the Montreal Neurological Hospital.

If the RIO could ever get its act together about the Big O (maybe tear it down and build a better one?), that stadium could be used. However, Montrealers, for a number of reasons, don't seem to like the stadium. I think the ultimate solution is to build a new stadium, centrally located, with a direct link to the Metro and ample parking facilities.


Well, before the Expos' demise, there were plans to build a 45,000-50,000 capacity baseball-specific stadium downtown (I forget the specific location).

I still think that the Olympic Stadium is a good venue for football and soccer, but Montreal fans, perhaps because of all the scandals, inept management, corruption, incompetence...etc. etc. associated with the Big Owe don't like it. Fans in the West Island complain that it's "too far away", but the stadium is easily accessible by metro, bus, and there is plenty of parking.

As we learned with the recent expansion of Molson Stadium and all of the red tape, finding a suitable venue is not easy.