New book on 1935 Winnipeg Grey Cup and events that led to it

This book is primarily about the tensions in Canada surrounding football in the early 1930s. Teams in the East had dominated the sport while teams in the West struggled to succeed and gain fan acceptance for the game. The West sought to change the game and to play it like the Americans did, and so they started hiring Americans and even played by American rules at times and against American teams. A key factor in this transition from Canadian "rugby" to football was the sport's adoption of the forward pass in 1931, after two years of experimentation. The book follows this struggle but it also highlights four of the key players who helped Winnipeg and the West to win its first Grey Cup championship, including future hall-of-famer Fritz Hanson, who graces the cover. There's a lot of information about the evolution of the rules in both America and Canada and how the games influenced one another over time.


I take it you are the author?

Yessir. I'm a professor at North Dakota State University and a member of the Professional Football Researchers Association. You can reach me about the book directly at


I'd love to know more about this -- the link above does not seem to be working.

The forum must not like that link. It works if you type it in. Here is the link without redirection from the domain name.

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Thanks. This looks really interesting, and I will order a copy.

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