new Bombers stadium one step closer*****

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A new stadium for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers could rise at St. Boniface's former meat-processing site if the CFL franchise decides to construct a new facility, the team's president says.

Lyle Bauer says the 171-acre Public Markets -- former home to a Canada Packers plant and other processors -- is under consideration as a potential stadium site as the team eyes a few locations for its home for the decades ahead.

"That is one site that's been bantered around, but there are no definitive plans," Bauer told the Sun, pointing out that a consultant's study has yet to conclude that it's feasible to tackle a new park.

Coun. Franco Magnifico (St. Boniface) says he's eager to examine possible recreation projects for the land, after he and his colleagues decided this week to move a planned public works yard to another location.

Bauer says the expansive tract "that Franco has been pushing" for sports or recreation is large enough, with 171 acres, for the size of stadium the club needs.

"There's lots of room there," Bauer added, citing the relatively cramped Maroons Road lot holding Canad Inns Stadium -- the Bombers' home for the past half-century.

"We're on 25 acres right now."

There's no guarantee, however, that the franchise will propose a new facility once the feasibility report is completed, likely in the next two to three weeks. Bauer and government officials -- who would have to dig into the public purse to ante up tens of millions of dollars to contribute to a new stadium's cost -- have repeatedly stressed that the report might call for an upgrade of the 30,000-seat Polo Park stadium.

Mayor Sam Katz isn't saying which way he's leaning on a stadium or the former Packers property. But he adds that council's move to declare the site as "surplus" presents many possibilities.


"It's open for all sorts of potential ideas. This may be one of 22," he said of building a stadium. "I'm looking forward to them sharing that feasibility study with me."

The Bombers joined the Doer government and Canad Corp. in December 2004 in floating a potential stadium, convention and hotel project priced at more than $150 million. The announcement kicked off the consultants' studies for a project that was then pitched for a tract adjacent to Red River Exhibition Park along the west Perimeter Highway.

Bauer refused to speculate on the Bombers' chances of making a play for the St. Boniface property.

"The feasibility study will come out and make a determination," he said.

"Do the concept and business plan work? If so, the next step would be where it would go. And where do you get the dough from? Those are the big questions."

Once again Drumming...keep up the great work...
The toughest part of biulding a new stadium, is convincing the public, a new stadium is needed..
Going to be a tough sell to Manitobans..
Seems like some peaple of the province, are more concerned about healthcare n clean drinking water.
Others like myself would drink mud, if it meant sitting in a new
Three levels of Goverment dough, plus private funds will be needed in achieving the dream.

how healthy would the league look without the Gades troubles?

successful grey cup in winnipeg and future new stadium; montreal sell-out streak continues and future stadium expansion; toronto nearing sell-outs; hamilton sell-out every game.

the east is looking good.....even if winnipeg isnt 'really'

dont you just hate waiting for these reports to come out........they get you all excited and then some economist goes.......oh.......sorry, the benefit - cost analysis concluded there was a 51% chance that a new stadium would not be economically viable at this time..........sounds like the Jets all over again..........

If one is built, when are they hoping to start playing there?

i'd imagine 2008.
2006 is preliminary work, like the feasibility study and location.
2007 is construction.
2008 is first season in new home.

I don't know, I remember when the city was doing feasibility studies for a new hockey rink, it took years to decide and a few more to build. I hope this is not the case and may not be because much needed repairs are crucial at CanadInns.
If a go, I would think a minimum 40,000 seats and being a dome because of the poor weather in the majority of the year.

they already seem to have settled on a design....the 35K seat open-air sure most have seen the photos.

Looks good, darker shade of blue with gold stripes would be more fitting,who cares if it's not just a football stadium.
Open air stadiums are the norm now a days,but the new building needs a name with distinction..
The Stegall Always Open Stadium, has a ring to

SWEET!!! CAN WAIT FOR 2008!!!! instead of a new team, the league has to look forwand the the Bombers playin in a new state of the art stadium!!!! YEAH!!!!!