New Bombers Stadium breaks ground today

hey weezy.....why i'm replying to a guy who is obviously suffering from a lack of oxygen to the brain, because of a breathing problem, i don't know?????? however here goes...Winnipeg is currently leading the way in the stadium building dept;...Don Cherry said he'd invest in an nhl team if it were to re-locate in the Peg....(He probably has more inside info .about that league than you do and doesn;t see a problem with MTS :wink: )....sooooooo i think your assessment of Wpg. as a sports town in general, is lacking the intelligence you put into your uniformed posts.... :wink:

Not only are you a disgrace to the good fans of Hamilton, but your a disgraceful human being for those comments.

I suggest you straighten out your act pal.

Im sooo looking forward to comming back to see a few games in the Peg even if that means visiting the Inlaws hahaha. I love what they did around the forks area with the MTS center and where the Golden eyes play . To be off topic here I think the MTS center will be fine for NHL Hockey . Congrats to the city on such a beautiful stadium . :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Same here. I live in the Peg from 82-90 and - with the exception of passing through the airport - haven't found my way back since. I was always a regular at Bombers and Jets games. The stadium renditions looks great; a nice modern design. Hope everything pans out and you get that sucker built.

One of the admin at the Extra Point message board posted that once construction has started there will be a live webcam feed at the Bombers website.

I think the 40 corporate suites will be the best moneymaker for the Blue Bombers franchise.

Construction was supposed to begin the day after the groundbreaking ceremony. When will the live webcam be installed?

Construction wasn't set to begin until early June. What is going on now is the site preparation that happens before the actual construction starts. When I hear anything about when the webcam goes live I'll post it if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

looking forward to that!

mid to late june apparently.. early july at the latest. should be good. whatever.