New Bombers Stadium breaks ground today

.....i've had to use that disgusting facility....especially after downing some of my favourite refreshments :wink: as for blue blood coming near that'm not going to touch that one.....I'll let blue blood's making me laugh just trying to picture that.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

couldnt imagine blue blood squating over top the trough :stuck_out_tongue: just sayin, pretty sure blue blood is a she :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I've never been desperate enough to leave the line at the ladies to use the men's so I haven't seen them first hand (should I use that term about where men pee?). I have heard that some fan put a Riders logo in the trough to help the guys with their aim. That true? :wink: :lol: :lol:

That would never happen although I've always wanted to write my name in the snow. :twisted:

All I can says is wow... :lol:

Most English pubs are like that. The stench of urine is so bad you puke in your mouth while your trying to figure an angle to keep the piss from bouncing back on you trousers. I think that's why their teeth are so bad. The acidic fumes burn through the enamel of their teeth.

This is turning out to be an iteresting thread ... way off topic but it is making me laugh :lol: :rockin: :lol:

Too much information! :o

Congrats on your new stadium Winnipeg. Now you can all pi$$ comfortably.....

Congrats to Winnipeg fans and team, the stadium looks great. Personally I like the idea of 33,000 vs larger. Imo, this keeps the demand for tix higher, and the team can charge more for 33,000 tix than cheaper tix to fill 40,000 etc. P.S. I've noticed a slight drop in our cash pile here in the Nation's Capital... ;-D

.....yes...for sure......but i am kinda wondering where the sask. logo and Mr. Tamans mug is going to be placed in the new washroom facilty... :rockin: :lol:

You might wanna check Milliken's expense account first. :lol:

since its being built in manitoba, itll tkae about 15-25 years to be completed. How is that mts centre going folks? that joke of an arena is too small for the nhl, and the coyotes aint moving to winnipeg.

Now that there's been the groundbreaking ceremony it will be completed in time for the 2012 season. It takes 15 years to get to the point of the groundbreaking but once that happens the projects get finished.

You obviously haven't read the Globe or listened to Don Cherry lately. If the Coyotes don't have new ownership by December 31 they are moving to Winnipeg.

oh ya, theyre moving to winterpeg, like they were supposed to be in hamilton with basille by now, the coyotes/jets are a joke of a franchise, any sports associated to winterpeg is a joke, the jets didnt win squat, all they had was selanne’s fluke rookie season, the bombers have milt stegall’s mouth and he choked in big games, the bombers have the longest droguht without a grey cup title.

Sounds like weezy is jealous. :roll:

Whoever said the Coyotes were supposed to move to Hamilton? I don’t ever recall the NHL saying an existing team would move there. Balsillie sold Hamilton fans a bill of goods that he knew he couldn’t deliver. The NHL has said they have had talks about a team in Winnipeg which is something they’ve never said about Hamilton. True North, Mark Chipman and David Thompson are respected by the owners and the league which not the case with Balsillie. The NHL has said they have a prospective owner who will move the team if a new owner is not found by December 31 and reports have confirmed that the owner referred to is True North. However this is a discussion better suited for the off topics area.

The new stadium will be completed in 2012 and there will be an NHL team in Winnipeg within 2 years (if not the Coyotes, then another team). :rockin:

Sounds like weezy got up on the wrong side of the bed... :roll:

im willing to bet money that there is a greater chance that mike kelly will coach again in winterpeg, than there is of the coyotes playing there.

You may want to reword that because:

  1. the Coyotes have already played games in Winnipeg (exhibition games);
  2. when the Coyotes move to Winnipeg they won't be called the Coyotes;
  3. even if the team doesn't move to Winnipeg another team will and that will mean the Coyotes will play in Winnipeg; and
  4. you sure you don't want a time limit on that bet?

weezy? is all u got winterpeg? is that it? if so, i suggest u look on environment canada and check out who has been the canadain hotspot for about 2 weeks now. seriously? winterpeg? where do u live? alberta? sask? or ontario where u got half a foot of snow and u have to call in the army? cuz seriously man if ur from anywhere other than like florida or california, dude, YOU'RE A BABY.

you guys are just jealous, because im cool, confident, sexy and smooth.

p.s. the nhl will never ever move a franchise to winterpeg, the people there can barely afford ahl tickets, so how they gonna afford nhl primetime tickets, espeically expensive playoff ducats, also the natives that live there are violent and will scare away potential free agents, also the mts centre is too small of a rink.