New Bomber Stadium Webcam

Hey, check it out, they've got a whole bunch of concrete walls up now !! It hasn't been that long since I last had a look. Excellent progress being made boys :rockin:


new seating tour:

No more games to be decided by the wind/coin toss :smiley:, should be fun to watch over time

i usually check the construction photos every couple weeks.

i love following the development of new stadiums. i followed the BC Place and molson stadium renos very closely.

I'm always amazed how fast buildings go up after the foundation is complete. I used to go to Vancouver every three months for about three years and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel on the water front all the time. For 2 n half years they were dropping huge boulders into the water, then suddenly there was a 20 story building there the next time I went. :smiley:

Man, this is going to be one NICE stadium. Can't wait to take in a game there. Kudos to Winnipegers for being can-do people with great taste.

I'm lookin' forward to the next time the Grey Cup is there to watch the Lions win it again in the new stadium! :smiley:

That is one sharp looking stadium. :o

After doing the virtual tour I’m seriously considering flying Winnipeg for the first game! This place is going to be a boon to tourism for sure. It’s easily going to be one the nicest, if not THE nicest stadium in the league. I hope other cities are paying attention. I hope Hamilton’s is as nice.

looks like things are moving along quickly now:

Believe me, so do I. (fingers crossed)

Congrats Bomberland! :thup: