New Bomber Roster Update - No More 2 A Days

The countdown is approaching fast and as i mentioned in another post the player's will be cut at a higher and faster rate and the latest casualty is Kenny Strickland who i thought had a good chance to make the team, but that is football for you, we cannot keep them all. From a Bomber fans perspective and attending all of training camp, as usual i notice certain things about some player's some good and some bad. When ever i read The Bomber's website it seems that the same player's for the most part are alway's the stars of the day. Many player's are really coming into there own and there are many solid if not great player's on this club.

Stars of the day June 15 - RB Emmanuel Marc, WR Aaron Hargreaves, DB Alex Suber, LB SaMario Houston, OL John Hashem.
Stars Of The Day June 16 - WR Terrence Edwards, LB Ike Charlton, DB Keyuo Craver, WR Brock Ralph, DB LaVar Glover
Stars Of The Day June 17 - WR Chris Davis, DB Alex Suber, DB LaVar Glover, RB Yvenson Bernard, RB Fred Reid

Looks like Both DB'S Glover and Suber are impressing big time and that is great news. Other notables from week 17 were Fred Reid and Yvenson Bernard and honestly i think Marc is having a great camp and i thought he had a chance to beat out Bernard for the #2 RB spot. June 17 Reid and Bernard had a good day, this is a battle i never expected, Reid/Bernard/Marc, but it is nice having talent depth like that.

As it stands the depth chart is a little easier to guess depending on the ratio and after watching all of camp, one preseason game and the coaches take on the play of the player's this is how i see the depth list for each position to this point, with more cuts to come.

QB - Pierce, DiMichele, Jyles, Brink
RB - Reid, Marc, Bernard
FB - Oosterhuis
WR - Edwards, Bowman, Davis, Ralph, Jeffers-Harris, Shelton, Watson, Hargreaves, Foster, Arthur, Ball, Smith, McHenry
OL - Khan, LaBatte, Morley, Butler, Fritz, Kowalczuk, Donnelly, Bestard, Douglas, Hashem, Greaves, Medder
S - Logan
CB - Johnson, Glover, Craver
DB - Suber, Kent, Craver, Stewart, Hicks, D.Brown, Tate, Jules, Browne, Kordic
LB - Charlton, Lobendahn, Carter, Labbe, Houston, Courtney Smith, Wallace, Chris Smith, Bowman, Johnson, Rapanaro, Gallant
LS - Cvetkovic
K - Serna
P - Renaud
DL - Brown, Odell Willis, Hunt, Smith, Remond Willis, Oramasionwu, Scott, Oduwole, Hopkins

This is just my opinion based on watching Camp, Coaches remarks and so on and of course with the ratio things can change in an instant, personally i like the look and makeup of our 2010 Bomber's and again i'll say that we will be the best we have been in years.

oosterhuis will be cut in favor of stephenson who has really shown up when oost has been invisible.

and unless jylles totally craps the bed sunday, he's number 2. i also get this sick feeling he could be number 1 cuz he's lapo's boy.

Pierce has clearly established himself as #1. If anything, Jyles' relationship with LaPolice will keep him in the #2 spot but it won't elevate him to #1 IMO.

...i hope NOT, on the Jyles take....we've seen that picture before and it didn;t go over too well.. :thdn:

oh i know, just saying i have a sick feeling is all, could be the chicken i ate last night or could be jyles being named the starter, i was under the impression tho that the best 3 qbs in camp and pre-season make the team, if lapo is a man of his word, would the top 3 not be buck,dimichele and brink? or does jyles get #2 by default? eventho he probably has the least upside of all 3 qb's behind buck.

28 and the other 2 are younger and seem to be smarter decision makers. i dunno, personally i dont think jyles is the qb of the future around here so.. if it was me running the team and he comes out and does what he did last sunday and AD and AB show they have potential (i think AD has already shown that) but i would strongly consider cutting jyles and his 100,000 plus salary.

This is probably really stupid but sometimes I wonder if DiMichele is going to get a fair shot because LaPolice always seems to refer to him as DiMichele while he calls the other three QBs by their first name. Maybe it means nothing since LaPolice was doing the same thing in the press conference when he was first hired too and AD is the only QB still here from that bunch. I like AD and think he's had a really good camp. He played really well against the Als and now it looks like he isn't going to have much, if any, playing time against Hamilton because of the "error" in the rotation last game.

ya i just dont think he's getting a fair shot at all. "error" or not, he went out and went 5 of 7 for 91 yards and a td drive. u cant ignore that. i dont care if brink is macks boy, dimichele has already shown he has more to offer.

I have stated since we first seen Stephenson on the field, i thought he would be a pretty good FB and he is an excellent blocker, and he is still pretty quick on his feet, sure he is no Reid Or Bernard etc. His plus side is his size and youth.

From what i seen Jyles isn't impressing me that much as of yet, as a matter of fact Brink and DiMichele have both had better camps than Jyles.

I agree, DiMichele and Brinks have not had a fair shot at all, Jyles is the worse QB on the tc roster. Buck has been solid TC and both DiMichele and Brink have been much better than Jyles in Camp, hope LaPo makes the right choice.
we will be keeping all 4 QBS one way or another and if Jyles stinks than Dimichele or Brink will step in so we masy see one or both eventually, which is cool cause i like DiMichele and Brink more than Jyles.

At least if LaPo goes with Jyles, Brink or DiMichele will still be third string and eager for the chance.

i just dont understand how he can keep praising jyles.. he's like he needs to go out and do this week what he did last.. u mean u are happy with 2 of 8 and michael bishop stats? seriously i dunno, im not gonna turn on lapolice just yet but from what he's actually said in the media scrums, i have to wonder if he's actually watching the game. same with some fans, u talk to some fans and they think jyles is the future yet he's the same age as buck, they say jyles looked good last week, what jyles looked like last week was bryan randall. cant throw for crap but can run,not a fan of a run first qb at all.

i would suspect jyles doesnt last the year in a bomber jersey, and honestly if lapo is a man of his word and it really does come down to who shows best, jyles should be sent packing next week. BUT THAT WONT HAPPEN.

it just peaces me off to no end when a coach says yeah we will evaluate how they did in practise and pre-season and make a decision there.

sorry man but.. from all accounts jyles has been the worst of the bunch when he should really be showing more than atleast brink and dimichele. ATLEAST, these guys are rookies basically and they have outplayed a 5 year vet in jyles. Seriously if jyles was 23 24 like ad and ab, then id give him some leeway, if he hasnt been in the league b4 id give him some leeway but he has and he looks like the rookie.

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interesting interview with terrence jeffers-harris.

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back to the discussion.. il admit, ive always had an AD bias... but now from a fans perspective, i hope he doesnt get shorted here... even tho i have stopped posting my big writeups, ive still been to all but a few days practices, and was at the preseason game... and both brink and dimichele have had good runs, and are showing lots of potential, but as of right now i dont see any way you can put brink ahead of AD on the depth chart... AD has been more consistent, has thrown a more accurate ball, and is the more mobile of the 2... im not saying brink hasnt been good, just that AD has been better... but since jyles is lapos guy, and brink seems to be macks guy, im just a little scared that AD might be relegated to the PR and never given his fair shot even though realistically (barring outcome of the next game of course) Ad should be #2 on the qb depth chart right now...

i still have no idea what the coaches plan to do, and will have to wait like everyone else... but to be honest, despite jyles experience, id be more confident going in with #1. buck, #2 adam, #3 alex... if buck stays upright and these kids keep getting better i agree with killer that jyles may not survive the season on the starting roster... and unless jyles ends up the starter (and does well) for a stretch this year, we wont likely see him back next season... hes at that "now or never" age... and right now its looking more like never imo...

Fine…but look at your complaining post…then imagine if it was an ‘out of towner’…you’d be howling like a hyena
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k, so
1- Buck Peirce

Buck is the number one guy here, no dispute... I dont care how many time Jyles says he wants to be #1 in the paper.

Jyles needs to be #2, Dimichele and Bink would get eaten alive by other teams defences, we need a qb who has taken meaningful snaps in the past. I dont care what his stats were, he has experience in the cfl... you can't guage what a quarterback will be like in games by just watching the preseason camp, im only 17 and im not all that big either, i have a hell of an arm and could throw a perfect spiral right in the receivers hands everytime but when you have grown men that want to kill you coming at you the position changes, young guys coming fresh out of college (Brink) have only faced the odd guy that will ever have a future in football, the other guys will never play football again. In the CFL, you are playing against some of the most gifted, and most athletic players in the world, thats a huge step up from playing joe schmo. That is why i don't read into much on these boards about the qbs.......

I like him, but DiMichelle is getting cut or moved to the practice roster.

Brink had 2 perfect throws that were dropped in the 1st game, and was stellar on sunday. he also has a much stronger arm, was brought in by Lapo, and seems like he has a better pocket presence.

....Looks like Brink will take the no 3 spot....Good arm and presence....He could turn out to be a real find, once he settles into our game..Jyles also looked good except for a time-count on the goal line last game ..otherwise he's really come on...Solid no 2...

....I'm not liking our return game at present....Shelton better have a good week of practice or it's see ya later...We might have to let Jovon do his thing as a returner again....UNLESS someone steps-up...Don't see Foster sticking either

.... A couple of receivers better get their act together...especially Bowman....Jeffers-Harris will stick and if he keeps playing like he is, will attract the attention of those 'dawgs' down south...Great looking receiver....

...Dbs. are hot and cold....don't know who is going to make the squad...BUT there's some good talent to choose from

....the D line is of our strong points....O line is shaping-up...

It'll be interesting to see who Lapo keeps after the last practice sessions are complete....Nitty Gritty time shortly... :thup: :rockin:

Couldn’t agree more papa, it’ll be the strength of your defence this season. Could likely be the top D line in the league, barring injuries. Last season, with Chick and Baggs, i’d have said the Green Riders’ D line was the best but this season I think with Brown, Hunt, and Willis, and whoever else gets inserted there, your unit will be the top unit.

And that will help make up for any shortcomings you may have in the secondary. Won’t matter much if there are some blown coverages back there if the opposing QB is on his keester.