New Bomber Coach's

So guys Doug Berry finalized the coaching staff as most hae probably read on the sites home page. Just wantng to know what you guys think about the new coach's and what you think they will be able to do with a rebuilt bomber team.

i bet weill make the grey cup my prediciton of the 06 season



well, I'm a little consend cuz the BB have guys that were with the Gades last season (Ottawa did better than the Peg but no by much mind you) but I have no doubt that we have a team that can make the playoffs this season, as long as we fill in the holes in the o line and other things. Wynn is our guy this year and everything is all set.

I still predict:

  1. Cal (they have a lot of enegry going into the season)
  2. Edm (I'd love to see them out of the playoffs, but they will still be strong)
  3. Wpg

  1. Sask (CO or not depends)
  2. BC (if DD goes down, they will hit rock bottom in the West)

i suspect the west will be very even this year. with only a few points between 1st and last i would not be surprised to see cal edm or bc in first. if dd goes down bc could drop considerably even potentially out of the playoffs. if burris reverts to his lack of ball control days cgy could be n trouble. edm should be reasonably good again as long as they keep rl jr as a waterboy at best as they did last yeaer. bombers will end the season at around .500 hopefully just above. that should get them a playoff spot.

actually i think the whole league will be fairly even a lot of teams around .500 with the exception of ott. i hope they prove me wrong but i am a little concerned for them. sask will also be below 500 but above ott.

teams to miss the playoffs: ott, sask, ?? it will be close-but i will say ham.

as for the point of this thread. i am very happy with our d coaches. more concerned about our o ones but think they will be adequate to win games

Yeah, Ham will need more than Mass to get them on the right foot.

i would be heartbroken if the BB's wont make the playoffs cause we have 2 win a grey cup in this decade BADLY

well, we didn't in the 1970's and won it twice in the 80's. But the BB should make the playoffs, no reasonwhy they shouldn't. Calgary was last in 2004, and was second in 2005. Not reason the BB can't be last in 2005, and 3nd in 2006.

I see the east being a close 3 team race w/ tor, ham, and montreal. In the west, I have a feeling bc,win,and sask. will be fighting for the third playoff spot. I don't think we'll see a crossover this year.

It's always possible, but I suppose the ideal playoff pic is always one with no CO.

...the Bombers have a very sound coaching staff....the only weak spot I see is the new qb. coach....who has no CFL experience...but I'm sure Berry will have more of an influence on the qbs. as he did in Mont....till the new guy catches on....other than that ...the Big Blue have been quietly...and deliberately putting together a strong unit....if the free agents come on board as is speculated....then the Bombers have a contender,,,,definitely a playoff team....Riders...Lions....look like they can be had....our competition is going to be Calgary....Edmonton...I'm LOOKING FORWARD TO 06 SEASON....CAN'T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH... :wink:

Finally its official, lets hope these two attract a few quality players as well, we really need a middle linebacker, Simpson would be most excellent, we could still use a little depth in the secondary as well.........overall I am very pleased with the job Taman has done getting Berry and with Berry getting Marshall, who could have been our head coach as well, if this team falters at least we know its not from poor coaching like most of us suspected was the case last season.....

taman will most likely keep his job now

The Blue and Gold have a strong coaching staff YES, Taman has a lot of work to do on the Defense and the re-signing of KEY Free Agents.... he has been smart so far not jumping on the Free agent list so fast signing anyone he can get his hands on... Barrin Simpson should be in Blue and Gold... he would help us big time.... If Taman plays his cards right we have a chance to be in 1st or second in the west...... You heard it here first the bombers record will be 11-7

The Bombers can could go to the Grey Cup this year based on a few things

  1. A new head coach

  2. The signing of new defensive players, that combined with the offence that they had going (maybe a few touchups but other than that the offence was good)
    Those two things could change this whole season.