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I came from the same high school as Dalton Bell. I never got to play with the guy because i was a few years a head of him & never played football. But I am a huge fan of football and love keeping up what is going on with players from my home town. But I did have the honor to watch Dalton play in High School & in College. I am really looking forward to see what he can do in the CFL. Good luck to Dalton and hope he has fun. :smiley:

I'm sure most of us here would like him to do well also, not sure if he's going to get a chance this year, I think he'll be 3rd on the depth chart, with a chance at being the backup. Although if injuries creep up anything like last year he'll be the starter by game 5 :wink:

The coaches are pretty high on the kid and some fans are already erecting statues, so hopefully he can do well. Personally, I hope he never gets a chance to throw a pass in game action this year, because as the number 3 guy, that would mean the team is doing well. However most QBs don't really get their opportunity to play until their second year anyway.

Good luck to him and hope you enjoy the season!

PS. you'll have to hit Dalton up for game tickets and make your way up for a game.....

Dalton certainly has got some talent. Right after joining the team, the Riders had to put him as a healthy scratch on the gameday roster because the NFL would have lifted him off our practice roster. If he's attracting NFL attention, he could be the Flutie, Garcia, Ray, Burris calibre of player. But for this year, he has to learn a whole new system and work his way up the depth chart. If we see him play this year, it'll because Durant is struggling and the team is off to a poor start. I wish the preseason games were telivised, because if Durant lives up to expectations, that'll be all we see of Dalton this year.

I think Bell will get a shot. No it might not be this season but he will get the shot I feel he deserves in the next couple of season. Who knows he could be the next CFL star. We will have to want and see on that. But I just hope that Bell can make Canyon, Texas & West Texas A&M look good.

Hey Dalton fan, if you dont mind telling me what your name is cause I live here in Canyon as well and played with Dalton. My name is Erik Evans. Graduated in 2002 with Dalton.

You're giving the curse too little credit, he'll start game 1 of the regular season due to injuries to Durant and Jyles