New blocking rules

Last years blocking rules had the special teams only allowed to block from 1 side.

This years rules are back to what they were before, you could block from three sides.

Yet why is it in the games i've seen it seems like I have seen more penalties for illegal block now then last year when the rules were more restrictive.

Doesn't seem to add up. The rules were eased up a bit and teams are taking more penalties....anybody else notice that and go hmmmmmmmm.

Some of those calls were marginal, and a lot of them are legit. If the defender has his shoulder turned past 90 degrees to you, you are blocking from the back. Simple.

Often times it's a judgement call. Players are pushing the envelope, and, IMHO, that's why there are more penalties called. Last year was simple, block from the front only. Ni judgement needed on THOSE calls...