New blocking rules!

The league changed the blocking rules this year and return TD's are down dramatically!

Has the new rule changed the excitement of the kicking game?

there are a lot of factors going into this besides the new rule, but the rule is something we can change back to encourage more return TDs, and I think that's what should be done.

I also think this will lead to more close games like this week (15), which oddly have been rare this season, which has been a season of mostly blowouts, with only 1 game going into OT, when there was (I think), three last season including the GC.

I think it has not ruined it! It is more that special teams coaches have not addressed the rules. The Stamps in their last three games have had great run backs. Craig Dickeson has found the secret to success!

I don't see why the changed it in the frist place, cuz as far as I'm conceded, there was nothing wrong with the returns (O could score, D could stop them, etc.), and if this is the CFL's way of doing what the NHL has done, they have failed with the wrong kind of changes.

Bring back the old rule.

Yes, the old rule for sure unless too many people were getting injured, then maybe the new rule is justified.

How many touch downs have been called back?

I think the kickers are angling their kicks better allowing coverage to get down field.

Apparently you hit the nail on the head here! You remember that Nik Lewis block. With the old rules these occured a lot but from the side! Many injuries were occuring. At least this is the explainantion I got from one of the players.

odd, I don’t recall these injuries happening at all.

which bring up another argurment for the punt penalty.