New beginning

After Edmonton was blown out by Montreal and then B.C., I asked if maybe their season was over. Things weren't looking good for the Eskimos. They'd given up 90 points in both of those games, and they had to go into Regina the following week, a place where they'd gone 1-9 in their last 10 games, and then they had the rematch against Montreal. A 1-4 start was looking like a real possibility.

Here we are two weeks later, and the Eskimos upset the Riders in Regina, and they're 39 seconds away from handing Montreal their first loss of the season. I guess the answer to my question is an emphatic NO!

It looks like this team is finally coming together. The defence is getting stops, and the offence is finally putting up more than 16 points. It's funny, when the O-Line actually gives Ricky Ray time, like they're supposed to, our receiving corps doesn't look half bad. Dont get me wrong, losing Tucker and Campbell hurt, but I think tonight proved we still have a pretty good group. The O-Line just needs to do its job.

How they've played for the last week and a half is exactly how I expected them to play at the start of the season.

I expected them to play this well too, hopefully they keep it up. :thup:

We have some huge games against Calgary coming up in the next month or so, and if we can win 2/3 or even sweep them, I'd say there's a good chance we can finish first and have a home playoff game for the first time since '04. Still lots of work left though, obviously. I'm looking forward to the potential boost that we may get in the coming games: Bradley Robinson, John Comiskey, and Scott Gordon should all be ready to play next game or the one after. And around the time when the labour day rematch game is,(when players 9-gamed at the beginning of the year are eligible to play again) we could potentially have Lumsden, Garrick Jones, and Willie Amos back. NFL training camps start this coming week, and if Kelly Campbell is cut from the Bucs, we could even see him back here! I'm excited!

Congrats to the Esks! Great game last night...

Gotta give them credit. Offense-Defense-Special teams all excellent last night. O-line was better than I imagined possible :smiley:

A post from the Montreal side. A thorough and well deserved win. I wanted Montreal to win, obviously, but I appreciated the play of the Esks' 0-line and defence. Impressive to say the least. That's what I love about the CFL. On any given night, anybody can beat anybody.

I hate to say I told you so but.. I had said on some earlier posts that this team needs time to Gel and I think we can see this happening . I had also said that we need to give Witlock some more time and I think he looks great and he's even caught a few passes, our Running game looks better every game . I had also said that our Receivers were actually not bad .
Our D finally looks like it can stop the Run ,although we still seem to be getting beat on the deep ball , is it me are has this always seem to be the weak spot for the Esks for 20 or more years? Go Esks go!

Very happy for the Eskies on their win over Montreal. I was one of the ones to pick the Eskimo's to win as you never know with Edmonton, thus seem to play against Montreal on a grass field at home. Don't know if anyone noticed or not, but the smile on Ricky Ray's face was classic on the last touchdown pass. :thup: