New Beast of the EAST

Clearly the better team tonight and the better team right now. Avery embarrassed the Als d. He made them miss everytime he touched the ball. Allen the ageless wonder, 4 touchdowns!!!! He made your hurtin secondary look like peewees. Talbot, Palmer, Baker, Miles, Parker (lol)...couldn't be stopped. Terry Vaugh how many catches? How many td passes tonight Anthony? Yeah wouldn't be too worried about Avery tonight, he only made you miss when running, threw a first down pass, and caught a touchdown pass. Yeah not too worried eh? Typical of the arrogant Als. Well, welcome back to earth. Your not at the top anymore. ARGOS!!!!!!

I can think of other, non-biased reasons. But I'm going to say cause of Mathews. He had his time in the lime light but it might be time for a coaching change.

First the Agros played well and beat the Als but to to say that Avery embarassed them with 31 yrds rushing, that is stretching it quite a bit.

well also 51 yards receving. yeah of course I stretched it a little but we won, I'm a little excited right now. It's just nice to see Avery bounce back after a tough start.

The reason why the Als lost is because of penalties, missed tackles, and poor execution. YOU CAN"T BLAME DON FOR THIS. Last time i checked the coach cannot go out there and play.

Think it's time the Argos tried to deal him away? Who knows, they might get a gift basket or something. Seriously though, he needs to pick it up.

Its plain and simple, the Als’ pass coverage aint what it used to be. Thing is, how much longer until they decide to can their defensive co-ordinator?

Penalties not that bad tonight, its been worst but the missed tackles were unbelievable. Twice they gave up 1st downs on 2nd and 20

do you mean Avery? because he played well tonight considering they didn't give him the ball that much. If we give him the ball 14 times in a game, and he gets 82 total yards, then I'm happy. Avery stepped it up tonight. I'm satisfied with his play tonight.

The TSN commentators said Damon Allen played one of his best games since signing in Toronto. I have nothing but respect for Allen but the Als made him look REAL good.

I'd say Allen made them look bad more than they made him look good. 4 touchdown passes? That's no accident. Also he hit receivers all over the field tonight. Not bad considering he's turning 42 tomorrow.

Maybe its just my dissapointment in the Als lose tonight but sometimes the commentators go a bit overboard in their prase of Toronto. I think it was the 2nd quarter Toronto was 3nd and 4 from around the 30 and one of them goes on and on about how great the field goal call was.
Gimme a break will ya

The Als defense is really getting burned for the big play, even dropping 9 guys back they couldnt stop the pass. Can you say rebuilding, its time.

its funny the " new beast in the east " is 3-2 , the 3rd place team in the west is 3-2, what a strange year in the cfl! great game argos!

Funny thing is during the off season all we ever heard about was the lose of offensive players never the defence

I am surprised that people still think the Als will be heard from in November. You have no established running back, the receivers look good one minute then disappear the next, cahoon is solid, but vaughn looks too old and stala dropped a gift for a td at a crucial time, and that defense is leaking oil fast. Unless they airlift in some talent I think this isnt going to change anytime soon.

I'm surprised less people are blaming the pass rush of Montreal. Last league they lead the league in sacks, this year they are dead last. The secondary hasn't looked great but opposing QBs have had all kinds of time to let recievers get open, even when Montreal rushes 7.

The Als tried to adjust this game, usually rushing only 4 and sometimes 3 but again the lack of pressure is what allowed Allen to find so many wide open recievers.

I wonder how Don Mathews feels. Looked like he wanted to beat his players

Everyone on this site cries for more Canadian talent, and yet nobody gives any respect to Eric Lapointe, who week in week out gets his 5 or 6 yards a carry. If he was on a team that ran the ball more than 15 times a game, he would be among the league leaders. There are backs with beter moves in the CFL, but when it comes to vision, and spotting the hole and getting through it, he may be the quickest in the league. He never complains about his lack of touches, and even when he has to split carries he just goes out and does his job without a peep. And when the Als send him out there to cover kicks, guess who’s always the first one down there making the tackle. He is a consumate pro, and in my opinion, the most underrated RB in the league.

LA POINT , and STALLA were Montreal's best players tonight...........and for the ARGOS .........we had great games from , TALBOT, PALMER and O, SHEA.