New BC Stadium???

The BC Lions and the City of Vancouver are constructing a new outdoor stadium venue that will serve as the new home of the BC Lions of the CFL for one year starting in 2010 while a new Retractable Roof is constructed on BC Place to be completed by June 2011 in time for the 2011 CFL/BC Lions season and in time to host the 2011 Grey Cup Game in Vancouver.

The new stadium as listed below has a current price tag of $11 Million Dollars not including land.

Why is it that so many Ti-Cat Fans seem to insist that a new stadium will cost $75 to 100 million dollars and that any new team or City thinking of joining the CFL will have to look at a similar scenario, why can't new cities or opportunities to join the CFL like Moncton, Quebec City or Ottawa go the same route as BC and just construct an $11, Million dollar facility???

New BC Empire Field Stadium to be completed for the start of the 2010 Lions season.

Completely enclosed on all four sides with an approximate seating capacity of 27,500, the new Lions' den will be a cozy fit for fans. Individual seats totaling 20,100 will run along the side lines and another 7,400 bench-style seats will occupy the end zones. Sideline seats between the goal lines will be covered and a limited number of private boxes will also be constructed along with media facilities, concessions, stadium level lighting, scoreboards, a video board and washrooms.

What is the planned lifespan for the $11 million stadium in B.C.? Even though I imagine some creative pricing and accounting goes into the building of more expensive stadiums, I assume there are also major structural differences. Labour, material and sundry costs would add up fast if you had to build, tear down, repeat too often.

Yeah they’re propobly re-using the wood from all the Olympic podiums and stands. Hopefully the retractable roof will work better then the retractable cauldron…

I believe it is a temporary stadium for the one season only, to be removed afterward, and the cost of it was included, by the BC Pavillion Corp., in their projected cost of the roof replacement and refurb at BC Place. The drawing of it, with covered stands, makes it look like something permanent.

Agree, BC is doing an awesome job on all of this IMHO. They are making a statement to football, soccer and field sports. Very NICE!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Believe it or not but this new stadium in Vancouver to house the BC Lions for the 2010 season is just a portable stadium constructed on the old site of Empire Stadium that used to be the home of the BC Lions football team prior to BC Place. With BC Place getting upgrades and new construction for a retractable roof the Lions needed a temporary place to play so along came a German company that builds portable stadiums that can be constructed in five months and the new home of lions was found for one year until BC Place becomes available in June 2011.

The point is that with the right planning any City in Canada could become a new home for the CFL and a new team and not cost $100 million dollars oh you can spend that amount but you would never recoup your money unless you were planning on constructed a 75,000 seat stadium for a new NFL team, but than the franchise fee of $500 million plus would make it a very expensive venture. Fans of the CFL would love to see the league expand from the current eight teams to more of a ten team or twelve team league, for the most part Cities like Moncton and Quebec City already have football ready stadiums, I believe Moncton can hold 15,000 fans and Quebec something like 7 or 10 thousand but with the infrastructure already in place it wouldn't be much effort to add an additional 10,000 or so seats and one of the above Cities would be CFL compatible.

The New Hamilton Stadium wherever they decide it should be built in the East or the West of the City could easily come in to a budget of around $50-60 million without breaking the bank or the tax payer. I found just an example on a web search for a stadium that fit into the size of the average CFL market of 25,000 fans and I don't believe new teams are out of reach, believe me if David Braley can own two teams in the CFL there is lots of money out there that could support new teams in other markets of Canada and construct a stadium as well or add to an existing structure.

The New University Stadium in Akron Ohio seats 25,000 and I believe is a good model for a first class football stadium considering how much University towns in the USA spend on Football but at $50, million US and a permanent structure that fits into the surrounding area and architecture I think that would be a good deal for tax payers in Hamilton . See Link below for example.

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Yeah, you get what you pay for.

I don't want a BMO field.

I guess you have been living in a cave or something Cybercat as the temp Lions stadium story is old news. At least a year old.

The company's name is Nussli, and they built at least some of the temporary facilities for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It is likely safe to assume they have a modular construction approach, which suggests that this new stadium may not be "from scratch" but rather re-using components from temporary Olympic venues.

Not an authoritative source, but a forum post at the link below claims that bleachers from Whistler and Cypress will be re-used in the temporary stadium. Nothing wrong with that, but it implies that building a similar stadium elsewhere would cost more.

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Some more info from Nussli's website:

[url=] ... chers.html[/url] [url=] ... ction.html[/url]

And from their FAQ:
How is a temporary grandstand constructed?

The grandstands consist of modular construction systems, primarily steel and aluminum. The majority of the components are built by hand, which, if one considers that a grandstand seating of 2000 people weighs approx. 100 t, means a lot of work. Foundation work usually involves shallow foundation and height-adjustable newels. Grandstands are normally built on existing sites.

Does NUSSLI also construct permanent grandstands?

Yes, we also build permanent grandstands made of wood and steel. These are handed over as turn-key installations including all the technical equipment. If a grandstand is to be built as a massive construction (concrete), we often work with cheaper varieties.