New BC Place roof leaking

No big surprise, first big rain storm today and the roof leaks They say they are not completely finished with the roof so maybe I should give them a break, but with the cost of this bad boy, you would think this should not be an is Vancouver and it will rain.

from the beginning, I have been expecting flaws and problems. Been keeping quiet about it cause I dont want to rain on anyone parade.

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Here's the link on the news report; atleast some insight with the heavy rain "(IF") leaking problems.

The Skydome leaked when it first opened.

Isn't the first game back @BC Place this Friday?

boy, I wouldn't be a happy fan if water was dripping on my forehead watching the game...

It’d be like watching an Argo game wouldn’t it?

:lol: :lol:

Heck, nothing another 100 million won't fix :wink:

The building I work in, built in 1990 with big money, was leaking through the windows for years when a rain came from one direction, they couldn't fix it right away, took them a few years to seal up the windows.

One would expect some leaks until they iron out everything, they don't exactly build those types roofs too often.

It couldn't be that bad.. :smiley:

I'd take a leaky new BC place over Ivor Wynne anyday.

Basically they have hung a bunch of tarps by cables from towers. The tarps are flat (not completely) when stretched out closed. Gravity pulls the middles of the tarps downward one would assume, which would collect water and have great difficulty draining. The design concept is for the tarps to fold in (downward) forming large bags capable of containing very much water. Unless drainage holes are poked into the tarps (which would defeat the purpose of the roof) I'm not sure how the thing is supposed to drain. There is also no air pressure holding the fabric up anymore, effectively making these tarps potential wind sails.

One thing that I do know is, officially the roof cannot be opened or closed during bad weather, apparently due to water collection concerns.

It sounds like a Ferrari that will catch fire if you try to take it over 50k. :expressionless:

so perhaps the cables have stretched a bit. just tighten them up.

Too bad it wouldn't be dripping beer :slight_smile: I would tolerate it, LOL!

No big suprise but attendance has hit the 40,000 mark for Friday's game.

People eager to check out the new digs. They say those massive score boards are 2nd largest next to the one in Dallas.

Should be fun for those lucky ducks going to Grey Cup 2011 as well.

From what I read the roof wasn't even finished yet. So the roof leaking is not because of a malfunction or a glitch.

That is good news!

I will never admit to knowing Much about how different cities in Canada work, or how the peoples attitude differ. So my questions are as such, for those in BC... How long will it take to re-coup the cost of putting the new roof on? It seems like one of those investments as such- A waitress at hooters get breast implants to get better tips. So in about a year, that investment pays for itself. If BC gets more fans and more concerts out, how long till the roof is paid for?

Is there any possibility that if the stadium is an amazing experience, that the lions, with a great playoff run, could potentially continue to get bigger crouds because of the new digs?

"A waitress at Hooters gets breast implants to get better tips"

Now there's a double entendre.

sorry if that was offensive. I was at a hotters recently and the waitress was telling us about how that was what she did to get better tips, and it took her about 1.5 years to make the amount extra in tips as it did to get the surgery.

Don't apologize to me, I thought it was funny. Political correctness can be so humorless.

I'm surprised she did that just for better tips.. as if she hopes to make Hooters a Career for herself...

although she likely was a model. or less likely a porn star.