new bc place 3d take a look

this roof opening looks awfully small.

What does everybody else think?

[url=,+777+Pacific+Blvd,+Vancouver,+British+Columbia+V6B+4Y8,+Canada&ll=49.277138,-123.111851&spn=0.002324,0.004292&z=18&ecpose=49.27433785,-123.11373889,195.04,23.736,61.324,0&utm_campaign=en&utm_medium=ha&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-sk-3dmfe&utm_term=bc%20place%20stadium] ... %20stadium[/url]

Roof opening?

You realize this is the old roof right? (Was this a joke?) The new roof will look like this:

[url=] ... 32cc0ab16e[/url]

No... The roof opening is just supposed to open over the playing field. Not further, looks about right to me.

I don't think it was a joke. If you install the google earth plug-in, you see a 3-d rendering of what the new BC Place is supposed to look like. If you don't then you see the old BC Place.

You have to let the full image open, eventually it does show the graphic of the new roof.

Yes it does seem like a small opening for the amount of money being spent.

C'mon la-la land westcoasters toughen up!!! Save your money and play outdoors like the rest of us. You are spending billions for a hole the size of a small sunroof in a compact car :lol:
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