New BC Lions logo confirmed!!!

Not really! I noticed this in the renders for Hamilton’s Grey Cup setup. Someone in the design department was clearly feeling creative ;DIt seems to appear as normal in the rest of the pics. Here’s the one this version is in.

I’ve always wondered about this since the lion in the BC logo is technically the female of the species.

Is it not a mountain lion? Males don’t have a mane like African lions.

BC logo has a mountain lion/ cougar on it.

Mountain lions aren’t orange.

Maybe the lion in the original BC Lion’s logo went to the barber?

(not to be an art critic)

I knew a cougar who was a ginger. Does that count?

That depends. Did she only have two legs?

In 1953, the newly formed British Columbia Lions (WIFU) took their colours from the local Meralomas rugby club in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver (now a complete athletic club emcompassing different sports). In the '60s and '70s, the Meralomas were a local football powerhouse. The colours are burnt orange and black (similar to the San Francisco Giants).

That is why the mountain lion is orange.

Why not an orange lion ? We have a tiger that is supposed to be gold but looks amberish and the Esks gold looks downright yellowish. Never saw a gold tiger or an orange lion.