New base for the Grey Cup?

Just thought I’d throw this out there. The GC’s base has no more room on it for any new plaques/plates (whatever you want to call them), and that includes filling up the bottom rim of the base. Haven’t heard any news about a new base being made and considering there is no more room on the current base, they will have to do something this year. It would be dumb to give out the GC to the new winners this year in November when there is no room for the winning team to be put on the trophy. Anyone hear anything, or is this something that got sidelined by the CBA negotiations?

Well if there is no more room, how does that affect the trophy ceremony this year?

They obviously don’t engrave the names until sometime after the Cup is awarded, ergo the Grey Cup is fine to hand out this year assuming the Stamps’ names are on it.

Same as what I think they do with the Stanley Cup. Take the uppermost (oldest) ring out and add a new one to the bottom. Believe the old one goes to the HHOF.

And now Gordie Howe’s name is no longer on the Stanley Cup.

Also Ted Lindsay, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Johnny Bower, George Armstrong, Maurice Richard and John Beliveau.

That just seems wrong! It sucks

Bobby Orr is coming off on the next band removal

When does Gretzky’s name come off?

Unfortunately the Grey Cup has vertical strips with engravings that are horizontally arranged. So there’s no way to take off a “ring”. The base has to be expanded or redesigned.

The chalice can be added to any base though.
Id like to see a new base with no black visible… Gives me the impression of plastic


There was talk about redesigning the base a few seasons back as when they did the expansion in the late 80’s, it left the Cup unbalanced and caused it to come apart on several occasions during celebrations.
I guess nothing has come of that.

The Cup base project is still being worked on; there should be some details for the public announced shortly. :slight_smile:

Adding to the base is a bandaid … there are realistic limits to how tall a trophy can be … a larger re-design may be needed.

Hopefully when they do get a new base they can attach the cup more sturdily than in the past. The cup was broken off it’s base in celebrations a few times, hopefully that can be rectified when they attach it to the new base. I can’t see the new base looking too different (other than bigger) than the current one as I suppose that they will just detach the engraved silver plates from the current base and attach them to the new one (with a bunch of new blank ones, of course).

They also need to add something to the bottom of the base. A blank disk looks awful on TV. Even a CFL logo would look better than nothing at all.


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You have to admit, along with the Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup is greatest looking trophy presented in sports. Super Bowl and NBA trophies look like they were a prize in a claw game machine.

Agreed, it’s one of the nicest trophy in sports.

I like the individual plates for each champion. In 2020, the 1909 plate will be removed and kept in the HOF and so on soit still keeps a century of champs on it.So the Bombers will stay on it until 2101 :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. We sure do have some pretty trophies

Looks good!

Gotta say, I like it! Good Job CFL

I really like its old-timey look.