New asst. GM hired

That’s more like it. A young person with a great pedigree as the Ticats set up a more traditional football operations structure.

Looks and sounds good to this Ticat fan!

  • paul

Polian is being groomed to take over from Obie in a few years.

Plus, because his Dad is a big exec with the Colts, Hamilton may get a lot of their talented "final cuts."

Smart move.

Great pick up. Huge ties and clearly his family has has the ability to perform at the executive level of football.

This can only be a good move..

Obie and Rambo now have some capable help.

I feel bad for McCarthy though :frowning: He is a good man and will do well at whatever he does next.

it is Smart Move for the team

It'll also be interesting to see who the next hire is, if there is one as mentioned in the article.

Polian is very interesting pick. Gotta love those connections, but keep in mind they could work both ways.

Captain Kirk: Yeah. Thats what I was thinking too. Once he gets more experience the $$ and bigger opportunities south of the border could be huge draw for him to return to the U-S.
However....this looks like a very good hire and a good way to try to avoid desperation management hiring in the future. I like the thinking behind it.
Good luck to him.

Sounds great, now do we call Obie Mr O'Billovich now. :lol:

He probably didnt come cheap either.

So that's more money constructively re-invested into the team and hopefully results in less moaning from the new found budget/ticket price experts and agenda-types.

pardon me if i'm wrong but i think it's really unfortunate that they felt they had to go outside of their very own offices for a more than capable candidate for this position. who you say? i believe that if given the chance,that tj kelly would have been up to the challenge and certainly was a viable candidate for the job. to the more than casual observer, this is a guy who has served in many different roles from mascot to tickets to game-day co-ordinator to his current role of co-ordinator of player services. in that role tj works tirelessly,until the job is done-learning the art of contract drafting to getting u.s. born players into the oversight,yes. but i guess as they say in football,it's who you know that is what gets you to the top,too bad for one of the club's hardest working employees.
there is also a saying that the cream always rises to the top.keep working tj-you will get recognition-apparently not now.


As stated in the article:

"Along with his formal resume, Polian brings north a direct pipeline to one of the NFL's most respected football men. And when the Ticats are trying to unearth better import talent, that connection certainly cannot hurt."

But beware - it works both ways. How many Ticats will move south, or to the Colts, once their contract expires???
Just a thought....
The Eagle has landed... :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Dont get me wrong but Polian has huge contacts that are much needed.

Yeah cause im sure the Colts sent a spy into the Hamilton Tiger-Cats office to steal all there talent.

Not doubting his work ethic at all, but sometimes that isn't enough to qualify someone for specific job.

In this case, I think that connections and access are very important.

Well after the success of Kenton Keith this year I wouldn't be surprised. Players like Pritners and Setta just might have better access to a second chance.

I hope Mr. Polian's actual duties take more of advantage of his talents, as I am sure they do, than the way the job is described in the paper. Sounds pretty much to me like a "Gofor" as described there.

I think the team has made a good acquisition in the hiring of Pollan. He will bring much inherited experience with him along with his own knowledge and intuitions.

The worry that Baltimore may grab some of our more talented players, I think, is ungrounded.

If anything, Baltimore should give the TiCats another avenue to apply to for cast offs or good prospects who don't make the cut for the Stallions because they are already over stocked in a given area. Given the family ties that exist, I think the Stallions would advise the Ticats first of these good prospects.

For now, I'm happy about this acquisition, that will also give other Ticat management members more time to concentrate on their own jobs.

For any player that would leave here for there I bet you 10 others will be brought in anyways.

And Spike....Baltimore? Is this 1983?

OK I'll try this again,cyberthieves swallowed my previously attempted post

Polian reminds me of Mike McCarthy's arrival so many years ago. A young guy with tons of US conections that could very well bring us much more talent than we are used to seeing. It remains to be seen if he has the pesuading power of MM but I'm crossing my fingers.