New assistants...

Wasn't Milanovich signed by Popp....might as well kept him as head coach...seems to be making all the decisions.....unbelievable!!! Hope it all works out, but I just don't think that Smith and Wettenhall realize how short a leash the Als are on...Still no CFL experience on the staff!!!

Milanovich was the QB coach for Montreal last year.
That's CFL experience

One year of experience. Not very much. Especially given that that one year of CFL experience is all we have on our entire coaching staff right now. I hope to God we hire Daley as DC.

One year I agree isn't much, but as I said in another thread, I don't see the OC as being all that crucial, as Trestman is an offensive minded guy so he's going to be very hands on with the offence.

Defensive coordinator is another kettle of fish entirely, and we do need someone with CFL experience there. Hamilton went with a defensive coordinator who had no CFL experience last season, and we all know how well that turned out.

I really don't like how we're putting two NFL Europe rejects in positions of authority on our coaching staff. Is this the best we can do? We couldn't get Danny Barrett as OC? Milanovitch had better step up to the plate, regardless of how much of an offensive genius Trestman is. Put it this way: Matthews was a defensive guru but that didn't mean Chris Jones wasn't important, right?

Absolutely right. I would have liked to see Barrett as well. We had too much team dissension last year (players fighting players in practice and after hours), so a 'players coach' like Barrett would have been a good addition I think; he might have been able to rid our locker room of that kind of destructive nonsense.

But I still think DC is the more critical hire.

Daley has been mentioned, so has some guy who used to be with Edmonton years ago (the name escapes me)....all I know for sure at this point is that no one has called me yet.