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Anybody have any news on dickenson's shoulder?

Could be a blow to BC...

First I've heard of it. Nothing on the Radio or newspapers. The reason Jarious Jackson came in was he could throw the "Hail Mary" pass farther than Dickenson.

Did Dave Dickenson hurt his shoulder trying to make a tackle at the end of the Rider/Lion game? It looked like a classic landing on an outstretched arm — seperated shoulder injury. We’ll see.

This is the point that he was talking about, Sports. The game was blacked out for me, so did anyone else notice this?

I am actually amazed he lasted this long.....just kidding, for Lions sake hope it isnt anything....

I did watch the game and yes he did come down fairly hard on his outstretched arm attempting to make a tackle. But....he didn't look any worse for wear when he got back up unless something happened the camera's didn't catch.

could he be pushing though the pain and really hurting after the game?