New Argos QB?

Was just reading that Montreal's Adrian McPherson wants a trade... While it said that a trade was not likely the article stated something to the effect that if Scott Milanovich gets the Argos HC job that Adrian McPherson could possibly follow him there. While Adrian McPherson is largely unproven, he is one of my favorite back-ups to watch in action. I like the idea of seeing him in double blue.

I agree.....he would look good in 2 shades of blue. That said, I think our 2009 problems were more than just Kerry Joseph or Cody Pickett. Im hoping the Argos don't try to use a band-aid to control a hemmorage. It could ruin McPherson as well.

Agreed. Porous offensive line, weak receiving corps. . . no head coach yet, no offensive coordinator. . it's hard to know where to start.

Don't forget:

Incompetent GM
Incompetent director of player personnel
Ownership uncertainty

I have been calling for Mcpherson for months now.
Whatever it takes to get him because everything hinges from the QB out.
Package several players to get him as he appears to be the QB of the future.

I think the line will be better this year, Head Coach and offensive coordinator are priorities number one and two. I feel the players on this team are just as good as any in the league. If some of those Andrus play calling errors didn't happen at the beginning of the season 2009 would have been a lot different.

The best thing about the Argos is that they have no where to go but up. Firing Andrus has already made them a better team.

Totally agreed. . . they have to get the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator in place before deciding what to about the QB position.

Milanovitch is reportedly high on Bishop, so it`s quite possible Bishop could return to the Boatman. Milanovich is probably heading for the Peg?? But with Braley hopefully taking over in Toronto, there will be adults once again running the Argos. Pinball is/was highly over rated as a player and as a draw for fans at this point, hopefully he moves on. Bishop could return to the Argos if/when the current losers/owners unload the team.


How would that be possible? He's under contract to Winnipeg. They have little in the stable behind him other than a group of unproven guys. The only way he'd end up in Toronto would be via trade, and do you really think that there's anything on Toronto's sad roster that Winnipeg would want badly enough in order to trade your hero?

Did someone say something about my man Michael "Bish" Bishop?
I would have no problem bringing him back, otherwise we have to trade for McPherson at all cost regardless how many players the team needs to bundle to get him.

Yes ArgoTom we need to bring Bishop back as the starter in order to bring respectability back to the Double Blue.

MADJACK you surprise me! Bish is under contract technically until he is told otherwise. He has a 1+1 deal, we are in his option year, but as of yet they have not picked up the option. When/if they pick up his option then we will know. Not sure when that date is??

We can trade for Bish, McPherson or one of Pierce or Jackson.
And then develop our own 2nd or 3rd stringer.

The fact you think Pinball was over rated as a player tells me you really have little clue about football. Your speculation about Bishop is questionable at best. Bishop is not the answer at qb for any CFL team.

Disagree about your assessment of Bishop, who clearly is an improvement over Joseph. Heck anyone really is after the two disasterous seasons.
After no pre season and being dropped into the pressure cooker last year in Winnipeg, I would evaluate his performance as pretty good.
Still though, if he is not available the Argos must go after McPherson who by the way is my first choice. I would trade for him since he already wants out of Montreal but of course there is no guarantee the Als will let him go.
Bishop would be my second choice, followed by the BC effort of trying to get Pierce or Jackson.
Unfortunately the Argos management is to blame for the current QB situation so we are not dealing from a position of strength and must salvage something until if and when we can develope our own.

Tom, I never said Bishop was not an improvement over KJ, but how much of an imrovement? Not enough to imrove the Argos. Any CFL team that pins its hope on Bishop is not going anywere.

I"d disagree. His numbers were a 50.4% completion rate, 15 TDs as against 20 interceptions, passer efficiency rating of 67.1 And, as usual, he played atrociously when it mattered most (last game of the season vs. Hamilton)

That rates out as mediocre in my book, not "pretty good".

They say "statistics are for losers".
Granted Bishops entire career is around the 50%+ mark.
He is a gunslinger high risk, high reward.
There is no arguement though without Bishop there would not have been a home playoff game.
I would gladly have him back for my Argos.

Regarding Bishop. He was put into a tough situation with the Mike Kelly offense. That offense was terrible & it wasn't until the y were 3-8 and Kelly stopped calling the plays that Bishop could show what he could do in a different system. Down that stretch they won 4 of 7 and almost made the playoffs.

I did hear that the new guy calling the plays up in Winnipeg (Article in the paper) said that if they had been running more of their new system and Bishop had been in training camp for that, they would have won as many as 12 games. (Instead of 7) I found out that the guy that took over calling the plays could only tweak the system to take advantage of Bishops skills. (I think they had ties with Bishop's days at K-State?)

Either way, with the right system, Bishops amazing arm-strength in an Argos jersey, would make us a contender again. I am gonna research this a bit more. I think the boys up in Bomberland would get rid of Bishop, and that could be a good deal if we can get him in the right system.

Bishop should be an Argo!

The right system for Bishop is the Tecmo bowl playbook. You're right he has amazing arm-strentgh, but doesn't have the smarts to go with it. The bombers wouldn't have won 5 more games.