New Argos Coach

Barker is new argos coach.

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The guy who used to line up his entire defence on offence for one series each game and his logic was and this is no joke, it was to give his offence a rest lol. Anyone who knows anything about football knows how mentally handicaped that is.

Another retread. Probably willing to work for food and lodging. Heaven help me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Can’t be any worse than Andrus, that’s for sure.

So this means Marshall is staying in the Hammer! Woohoo! :slight_smile:

I thought there was potential with the offence he brought to this league but he was not head coach material, he'd be better suited as a coordinator, just like Barker is a much better coordinator than head coach.

They hired him instead of Marshall?


:thup: Double that! Here's hopin' Greg has a fabulous year, finishing the project in the hammer, and then gets that job he deserves, and has earned, somewhere in 2011.

At least he is the assistant head coach in Hamilton.

I personally think it would be a crime against CFL defense as a whole for him to stop coordinating. He is too good at it. If he ever became a head coach he would have to stop concentrating on the D.

:thup: Double that! Here's hopin' Greg has a fabulous year, finishing the project in the hammer, and then gets that job he deserves, and has earned, somewhere in 2011.[/quo

Agree totally.

This is hilarious, perhaps the only coach that did worse in Toronto was John Huard.

That was before the Gastric Bypass.

Great news for Cat fans.

Sorry for Coach Marshall... but happy for our defence and the fact that the Argos will suck again in '10.

Man I thought he was as good as gone. Well, his resume will be that much stronger with this years championship on it! :rockin:

I dunno, but if I were Marshall, I would wonder what kind of "scouting report" there is out there on me.

8) At this point in time, I would think it is a safe bet to assume that Greg Marshall will never become a HC in the CFL,
  unless it is here in Hamilton   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I might be disposed to agree with that. . . having been passed over now so many times, Marshall may just decide to heck with it and not bother even applying any more.

It would be interesting to know just what it is about him exactly that has made so many CFL GMs over the years conclude that he is not head coaching material. . . but there sure has to be something. . .

It was surprising to read in this David Naylor article on the Globe and Mail website today that the Argos asked the Ticats for permission to interview Greg Marshall for their head coaching job but they never interviewed him.

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Braley to grab oars today, Barker too?


TORONTO SUN 8th February 2010

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Jim Barker, who coached the Argos in 1999 and is the Calgary Stampeders' senior vice-president of football/director of player personnel, will be the Argos' next coach, Sportsnet reported Sunday night.
With Barker on the staff, it might be safe to assume that Rita will remain as GM.

Ex-coach Jim Barker returns to fold, but Argos still seeking an owner

Hasn't been on the sidelines since 2003; David Braley talks continue

By Chris Zelkovich Sports Media Columnist

The Toronto Star Monday, January 8 2010


It's still not clear who will own the Toronto Argonauts this season, but the team's head coaching situation has been clarified.
Whoever ends up owning the Argos will face a mountain of problems, many of them created by the uncertainty surrounding the ownership question.

Ownership will have to clarify the status of GM Adam Rita.

He's under contract through 2010, but the team
hasn't exactly given Rita an unqualified endorsement.

Then there's the matter of free agency, which
usually opens Feb. 16 with a flurry of signings.

Sources say the Argos haven't been dealing with potential free agents
other than their own, because of the ownership issues.