New Argonauts' Stadium

MLSE is building a new practice facility in Etobicoke. It will open in the fall, Im wondering how come the argos haven’t jumped on this and made plans to build a new practice facility and stadium in the same area. The Leafs facility is close to a go train station and on a ttc route, it is also 5 minutes away from the highway. It makes perfect sense to me if they had made a co-partnership to build a new stadium. The argos need a small intimate 25,000 seat stadium, with luxury suites, a temporary bubble for the winter, and a joint practice field. The team could also build their headquarters and team store on site. These Argos owners are rich, they need to step up and get it done, if Winnipeg is able to build a new park, then Toronto should be able to get it done.

...that is awesome that the new facility is so close to the TTC route and Go Train so the Maple Leaf players can take advantage of public transit....

This would be an ideal design for the Argos to use for a new stadium: ... 02333.html

The Argos should also consider renting out their stadium to local high school and university teams in order to increase revenue. They could even use it for local youth soccer, football, and rugby leagues.

Now, Peg fans, correct me if I am wrong, but does not the Asper proposal include getting the old site to be used for redevelopment??? Plus does not the new facility include significant commerical development? Plus there is significant government financial support for the project.

Now part of this might be possible to do at the Etobicoke site, but to think the Winnipeg situation just involves a rich person stepping up and spending his money is a bit of a misnomer that has been alluded to a few times on this site.

An outdoor football stadium on its own just does not pay the bill, even if it shared some of the costs with a soccer practice facility.

Now I am not sure what they expected to spend on practice facility, but I doubt it even would get into the 10's of Millions of dollars, so that would not be much of a partnership on a $80 -$100 million dollar stadium.

If the Argos wanted too they could , but right now they have a deal with the skydome.
BMO stadium can be expanded easilly and their have been people talking about the Argos playing there.
I myself would rather see the Argos try to sell 40 000 tickets for the skydome instead.
I like the idea of playing in the skydome, but I understand your point.

Haaaahahahahhaa! :slight_smile:

The Argos are using the Rogers Centre for free right now, and as I understand it, are able to keep using it for like 10 more years.

I think the Argos are thanking their lucky stars that they didn't get in on BMO Field at York University. That would have limited them to around 25k seats, which woulda been fine back in the dark years. But now they're getting around 30k on average, and the turnaround is only just beginning.

By staying at the Rogers Centre, they have a sweet no-pay lease while they build the fan base. Once that lease runs out, they could be around 35k per game. Once that time comes, they'll have a good idea what their stadium needs might be.

Watch, if MLS stays healthy, Toronto FC will be looking to expand BMO field right around the same time. The stadium is right now 20k and supposed to be expandable to around 30k, who knows, with Argo help they could push it to around 35k seating and have an intimate soccer/football venue. It'll cost the Argos, for sure, but not as much as building a whole new stadium.

Seems to me that the Universities already have stadiums. And while I can see highshools considering renting (just like they rent Taylor Field at a subsidized rate since its a City facility)they are not going to be able to pay much towards the operating costs.

I do understand if the Argos would stay at Rogers Centre, since its right downtown and close to every highway and public transportation line. But they could at least spend some money and build a new practice facility, that could also serve as a youth football stadium they could host year round events like mini camps, clinics, and OTAs.

So you are saying not a stadium, just a practice facility? Where do they practice now? Are their not existing facilities in the TO area they can use?

That soccer stadium looks like the first Canada Inns toilet bowl stadium.

They practice at Erindale, ive been there, but it looks pretty ghetto, they use a couple of portables as team offices. Ive seen better facilities at American High Schools. I never knew that they had such a great lease at Rogers Centre, so since they wouldn't need a new stadium, a practice facility makes more sense, since its cheaper and they wont have to find a place to practice when it rains. I wanted to watch a few practices during training camp, but they were cancelled due to rain and they went to Oakville. Now if they had their own indoor practice facility, they could allow fans to watch the team practice indoors and it could be used year round. They could also build a weightroom, training centre and team office on site.

One example of a indoor facility:

[url=] ... Indoor.asp[/url]

The whole Toronto stadiums thing is a very interesting situation I think. Throw in the mix that the Blue Jays would like a baseball only facility from what I've heard, at publics expense I'm sure, and who knows what's going to happen. And then of course if Ralph Wilson dies and the Bills are up for sale... It all could get quite interesting knowing that Rogers and MLSE are basically in competition for the sports fans dollars in that city. The Argos can just sit by and then get a deal like they did with the RC. Who knows what lies ahead.

You guys are forgetting about the fact that MLSE completely screwed over the Canadian/Ontario/Toronto tax payers (funny how they always get their way isn't it) and designed that multi-million soccer stadium so that it itsn't long enough for a CFL field.

There will never be a CFL game played there.

Great corporate citizens aren't they? Toronto's establishment screws the CFL again, surprise surprise.

Toronto Should totally get a new building. Just Return to Skydome for the occasional big football game. Then maybe their turf will look as good as Saskatchewan's Taylor field.

But 25,000? Is that what Toronto is getting for turnouts?

It has to be more than that. Toronto can fill a 30,000 seater. Can't they?

25,000 would probably be fine for the Argo's. It would be like the situation in Montreal where there's so much demand for the tickets that they would make just as much as selling 30,000 at Rogers Center. It would also create a much better environment and hopefully get the city talking about the team.

Actually, it was more like the Argos screwed MLSE/government/York U/Soccer Canada on that one.

The Argos were all set to sign on to a 20-25k facility at York University that would host Argo games, TFC games, the Canadian national soccer team, and university athletics.

In 2005, the Argos decided to quit the project and stay at the Rogers Centre rent-free. Without them as a tenant, York cancelled the stadium. MLSE and the government lost a major funding partner for their proposed soccer stadium, which ended up being BMO Field.

And no, the field at BMO isn't quite long enough. Width-seating begins somewhere in the middle of a CFL endzone. Any effort to accommodate the Argos would require the demolition of that section of seats.

Still, demolishing that section, adding another level over the east stands, and building two endzone stands on rails in order to accomodate both soccer and football games i bet would cost less than a whole new stadium.

The Argo's MAYBE screwed over MLSE (and I hardly think that's the case with those sharks), but that was only after MLSE screwed the Argo's on the Varsity deal.

25-30K seats leave NO room for growth.

in 5-10 years, 25,000 seats will be WAY too small, as the argos will probably be averaging 40K by then.

heck, even david asper is building a stadium with 40K seats, cuz he UNDERSTANDS the concept of GROWING YOUR FANBASE.

why would the Boaters leave?

they have 3 5 year leases(starting in 2005) so they can stay at the rogers center for cheap. 500K a year or something, They have access to concessions, Parking, Luxury boxes along with normal ticket revenue.

There is no incentive to leave, maybe towards the end of the second or third lease when they have their opt out options(so 2013/14 or 2018/19) it would be a good idea to build a state of the art stadium similar to Aspers, but right now the Argos have access to 119 luxury boxes, a 40K seat stadium that is sold out for this year grey cup(or darn close)

teams that need new stadiums are Hamilton and Calgary first(winnipeg is getting one after the Gov fundings goes through).

**the new Winnipeg Stadium is being built on the same grounds as the current Canad inns stadium, the new East side will be on top of the current west side/west sidelines.
to the east of the stadium will be a 2 level parking area then a Retail/office area.(owned by the team)

Ha ha ha Earl. That is a funny one.

The Blue Jays want a brand spanking new publicly financed stadium? You have GOT to be kidding, right?

After every professional team in this country hasn’t gotten one cent for their stadiums? After no other city in Canada has gotten one cent for their stadiums? The Blue Jays feel they deserve ANOTHER publicly financed Taj Mahal? That will surely cost billions?

The Blue Jays, a baseball team of all things, that were given the Skydome for peanuts, want another publicly finacned stadium? After the Skydome fiasco? And even though Toronto already has several stadiums, while other cities in Canada haven’t got one?

Excuse me for laughing, but anybody in the Blue Jays who has the balls to go to the government for public financing of a new stadium which would only benefit them should be publicly executed.