New Argonauts President Michael Copeland speaks

New Argonauts president Michael Copeland speaks:

Great to hear they plan on really ramping things up and doing everything they can to make the game day experience more fun to attract new fans.

Hope it works!

It's all generic talk.
Better tailgate? When there currently is NO tailgate, anything is technically better than that. I want to hear where they plan on tailgating. Will there be live bands?
I want specific detail of his plans to improve game day experiences as well as ticket prices and marketing plans.
Everything he has said has been said before.

Did you actually read all of both articles?

"Tell me about your vision for tailgating?

We’re going to create an authentic tailgating experience and we’re going to have that differentiated for families with kids, for young millennials. So you can imagine a traditional tailgate in one area. You can imagine a separate area that’s a family fun zone where kids can throw the football and run around, and parents are in a good environment with their kids. You can think of another high-end corporate hosting area where the corporate community can bring clients. There can also be an experience for the core fan, which will translate right into the stadium.

What’s the model that would best explain your plan?

It’s going to be an Argos experience, but the benchmark that I use is the U.S. college experience. That has a real sense of community.

You’ve been there?

My brother and I have, for the last 20 years, gone down to Ann Arbor and tailgated at the Michigan Wolverines games. You see seniors there with their scarves and their magnets on their Cadillacs. You see little kids there. You see college kids there. You see hardcore football fans there. We think this is a real opportunity to speak to all the people we want to speak to."

I didn't get this part.

You are also challenging old football assumptions such as the need for a coin toss?

Absolutely. I’ve got to be careful with all the coin-toss purists out there, but I think you have to step back and look at everything.

What's wrong with the coin toss? Bringing the captains out to decide who's going to kick-off, receive, take the wind in the 4th quarter (except at BC Place) etc, is all important strategy. I pay careful attention to this stuff.

Copeland is going heavy after the 20-30 year olds. Meh, it's well intentioned, but likely misplaced focus. My philosophy is you woo kids instead. The 20-30 old demo have an ingrained impression of 'big league' and like it or not, we ain't it and likely never will be perceived that way. But I do believe that youngsters, even though they may skip going to games in their 20s (not cool enough), have and will come back to our league in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s etc if they had an impressionable experience going to CFL games when they were young. If I'm an owner or team President, I am creating a "Youth Zone" in my stadium, including tickets in elementary school report cards, bringing in amateur football teams at heavy discounts etc.

Kids don't have the spending power (yet), but they will. And they bring their parents.

I know older fans wont get this, or maybe former arcade fans do.

The CFL needs a video game to grow the youth demo. To the casual youth the fact they dont have a game makes them look budget and bush league and that wont change till you start forkin the money out to
EA for their already made CFL game

BMO has a huge parking lot in front of the stadium, ideal place for tailgating. I can also see them using them parking lots in Liberty Village just before the tunnel under the train tracks too as an ideal tailgate area.
Big improvement in the atmosphere over Rogers Centre.
Not sure about his statement of 20k season ticket holders, that's a big jump from 5k. Will 15k football fans come out of the woodwork in the off season just because they have a new venue? I guess we will just have to wait and see

Capacity 27,600 at BMO. A tad on the high side IMO but if they can even remotely close to their ST goal of 20K. They'll be in good shape.

He made allot of comparisons to the models of the other sports teams and leagues. I like the he made with TFC and as an extension MLS in general. The players are not the best in the world either but thier sucess is from the game day experience which I beleive is the way to sell the Argos in this market.

Curious to see what the pricing is like. I'm hoping there is an attractive lead in rate. As low as 15-20 in the end zone IMO. Don't want to sell too many seats at that price point, but it's a good way to bring in new fans and families....a foundation to fill the more expensive seats in the future

I did read both. It's just generalized ideas: throw a tailgate that appeals to millennials- how? What about their tailgate will target that specific demographic? Tailgates appeal to many people, so how is he going to target his desired demographic?

Everything he suggested was of no detail. Just stuff i heard before.

Another example ; goal of 20K season ticket holders and sell outs every game - how?

What will they do differently that will get more people to buy in? Increase marketing? Lower ticket prices? More media coverage through bell-owned media? What!?!

Sounds to me, that just putting on a tailgate will magically increase paid attendance and millennials will be swarming to BMO :roll:

I want details of his plans. Currently, I'm reminded of people on dragon's den who say, I have a product and the market is x billion. Dragons laugh and say they're out.

And any REAL tailgating attempt in Toronto tends to be frowned upon by Toronto police. Huge difference between true tailgating and having a sanctioned licensed beer garden - call it a tailgate and charge $10 a beer - like Rogers tried to pass off as tailgating for the Bills games in Toronto.

Exactly. When we get into the details of his generalized ideas, they aren't anything to be excited about...unless he wants to give us some details with substance...maybe he does have thought out plans, but they weren't on display in these articles.

The details will come out in due time. Keep in mind that the new ownership group is still yet to officially take over.

To build hype, you don't reveal the entire marketing campaign in one shot. Stage it out and it has a longer message.

Grey Cup was announced - that's one. Will reveal the pricing plans early in the new year - that's a new part of the campaign.

From there there's time to make more announcements for the season...anything from who is performing at these tailgates maybe jersey retirements....maybe a bobblehead promotion here and there....who wouldn't want a pinball bobblehead? :rockin:

Lots of thing that's refreshing at least public....Copeland is giving the build it and they will come message.

I really hope that the league is able to release the 2016 schedule a lot earlier now that they don't have to deal with Rogers.
The mlb 2016 schedule was released before the '15 season was even over. Certainly helps for planning road trips.

Copeland is the most important person in the CFL for the next two years. Let's hope he can be successful.

Big Hill to climb, but it can be done. If you can convince people from Toronto to back TFC which is = to tier 2 or 3 leagues in Europe, then hopefully they can get people to come. Or they could buy a celebrity like the Raptors did, and try to buy legitimacy that way.

I like the emphasis on promoting tailgating, but they will have to work with the city to set up regulations.

I would have to agree with a previous post, that the emphasis on the 20-30 is great, but targeting families with the "next generation" of fans would be better. Drive home the family affordability: $5 Child (up to 16yrs old)ticket/game value when purchased with an adult ticket. Maybe target that promotion for tickets from the 25 yard line to the endzone. If a child can't come and an adult replaces, just pay the difference at the ticket office. Also, major discounts for High School to University students that have their student ID.

As for atmosphere, He talks about a US college atmosphere, what about having University or High School Marching bands at everygame, and come up with a common Argo fight song. You could have a specific section for them.

Agree. I would have been happy in the low 20's.

I liked what I read from Copeland. In my lifetime I have rarely heard the president of the Argos come out and spew a bunch of positivity like that. Sure drummer it is a lot of generalizations but also nobody wants to read a 200 pages essay in the Star about how the Argos really plan to turn this around from top to bottom (ok I know I am sure some of you would love to, and I would too but we are talking normal humans who don't suffer from a sports addiction). It sounds like he has a vision in mind and a framework to go off of, I really hope they can pull this off. 20K for season tickets is steep, that'd be an incredible feat for the new owners/Copeland, I imagine they'll fall short but I'd rather anyone or organization in this world shoot for the moon and land in the stars then just shoot for the clouds and hope you don't hurt your ass if you fall.

Hopefully Copeland's plan work. Last the the team had local faces (C & S) the crowds were good and games felt like events.

We put our deposits down (2) today so looking forward to see how it unfolds

BTW...I noticed you left HF :frowning:

The flip side is that at least there will be more seating available for big games and the playoffs. Also more available seats should help to keep the prices down.