New Argo Stadium

Exactly Earl, and this is one of the things I have to agree with the RTH crowd about. Urban density and brownfield remediation/redevelopment in this city has for too long taken a back seat to suburban development on the mountain. Swaths of generic sprawl that balloon the infrastructure costs of the city, stress it's tax base and will likely come back and haunt us as so much of the North and East end have when we let this development go unchecked in the 60s.

It's another reason so many were gung ho about the West Harbour as it would deal with one of those many brownfields, as opposed to continuing to let it lie fallow as it is now.

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That is one of the most sensible statements I have heard about the building of the Argos Stadium. No room downtown time to expand the sports region where there is space yet still close. Is thit not why it is called the greater Toronto Area?
Not everything needs to be jammed downtown anymore in big cities.

The city formerly known as north of Toronto, in the burbs better know as Vaughan is central from all sides including the city proper.

Hammer wrote: It's another reason so many were gung ho about the West Harbour as it would deal with one of those many brownfields, as opposed to continuing to let it lie fallow as it is now.
I'm all for brownfields cleanup but man, when it's so close to a prime piece of real estate, West Harbour and downtown, no way put a stadium there. I was at Supercrawl and looking south from West Harbour (was at Pier 8 for Lee Harvey Osmond) and looking south up towards downtown, am I so glad a stadium isn't going there, far too large of a structure, it would destroy the ambiance. A nice 3000-6000 seat outdoor ampitheatre to enhance the arts and Supercrawl as it expands with a smaller structure is what those brownfields deserve in this prime location. Yes, soil remediation needs to happen but the quick fix stadium solution was not the answer. We got lucky the stadium did not go there, very lucky IMHO. Again just my opinion.

kasps,all I'm saying is I trust David Braley far more than you. Don't take that as an insult, he knows far, far, far more than myself. And I admit that. Unless it's a smokescreen, which I don't think it is, he would not be investigating the suburbs for a stadium/real estate development project unless it could make sense.

Urban Waterfront Manifesto

With this growing popularity comes a tendency by some to look for the quick solution, to adopt a formula that may have worked somewhere else. In the 1980's it was the "festival marketplace" fad. In the 1990's, it is the "urban entertainment district" and/or stadiums. In a time of pervading sameness and homogenization worldwide this is particularly dismaying because waterfronts above all factors give each community a chance to express its individuality and help distinguish it from others.

As well:

StructureHub Review: Well you see, Timmy, history is about old stuff; its only natural for it to feel cold and dead…

Sports stadiums tend to be…ugly. Apart from a few notable exceptions (e.g., Wrigley Field and Fenway Park), baseball stadiums in particular seem to derive most of their charm over time from the remnants of dramatic moments within them. Where beauty does exist, it is not due to innate architectural splendor, but because of the patina (physically, yes, but mainly otherwise) left by much use and the fans’ affections.

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Only in TO would they let the oldest team in N.A die. Playing for the oldest cup and why, they are to good for the CFL? The argos are done in 2-3 years and they are not going to get a NFL team. TO sucks.

David Brailey has played a huge part in keeping this league alive, no arguments . The point I'm making is , it may not matter where the Argo's play , they will struggle with attendance . They need to do something , I just hope the plan they choose ,succeeds for the sake of the CFL.

In all likelihood, you are correct. Even the "major league" Blue Jays have struggled with attendance over the years. Maybe the Leafs are the only team in Toronto immune to attendance issues, I don't know.

But we don't know in reality how the Argos will make out in new football specific digs until it is tried. Even though we can guess with probabilities all we want.

That also happens to be the same place in which some study was done on building a Hockey Arena for a second possible NHL team. So there has already been some investigation into placing a pro franchise(s) home Arena or Stadium at this site. So this is nothing new or out of the blue scenario.
If I am not mistaken I believe Vaughn is also where several multi national corporations have their Canadian offices so whether this would also have something to do with picking this area or not.
The Argos have also in the past have talked about placing a stadium in York on the campus so the idea of moving the Argos out of the downtown core is not a brand new idea either.