New Argo Shenanigans.

Well I saw some things today during the game that not being surprised by the Argos to stoop low on that level. First of all that song they have if anyone knows the words please post them here so people can know how silly the song is.

The second thing that bothered me quite a bit was a couple of things that were directed at Coach Marshall. The first one being a comment on instant replay being insituted this year it said something to the effect of " Coach Marshall we have replay now so you can see the game" or something like that.

The second was an apparent quote about the ticats defense not even knowing about certain players in the argo line up that the defense had no clue over. I realize that you have to do things to pump up your fans but making teams or team personnel look poor in front of tonnes of people is a really unclassy thing to do.

They don't even have the respect to introduce one of the lineups for the visitors either offense or defense. They just announce the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I also know that every team has some fans that create issues for other fans and their enjoyment of the game I brought my dad as a fathers day present and upon leaving the game was told to go home. I will boo the Argos or the visiting team like everyone else but I won't tell fans from other teams to leave. If it wasn't for Hamilton fans there today the attendance would have been even worse than it already was. 27,000 and change for a home opener. Talk about pathetic. We had that last week for preseason.

I noticed that right away too. Also felt trying to push Ricky into the endzome with 0:08 left on the clock and up 10 points was pretyy low too.

I don't think I will ever go back to the "SKY DUMP". (I know the name has been changed) I hard a hard time watching the 1st quarter, kids constantly running up and down the isles some fat guy crying about my flag, the CBC camera on a boom skimming my head. Pinball’s wife has a pretty voice, but…..but we are not Americans and I was offended on how she presented our National Anthem. She changed some words and made it hard for us to sing too.

What a brutal time, and the game was as pleasant either.

i hate that place.

it feels like you're in one building and the game's being played in another.

The ARGOS beat HAMILTON with their back up Q.B. :thup: :lol:

torontos back-up beat dr. mullet maas...hahaha

We beat ourselves with penalties.

The Argos will have a rude awakening when they come to the Hammer next!!

The proper thing to do with 8 seconds left and a 10 point lead is to take two knees by the QB. In a similar situation, I’m sure our head coach would have shown a lot more class than the blue team’s coach. Good on the D though to stop both the TD and the 100 yard game by everyone’s favourite suspended player.

FYI...The Marshall thing was as follows: When Ricky made a play, they flashed on the scoreboard Marshall's quote from the first pre-season game, when Coach said he "didn't even know when Williams was in the game", then they show the replay of williams and then they flash something like: "Coach Marshall, lucky for you there's replay."
They also ran a video of a guy in a mullet (from hamilton, ha ha), who has an evil scheme to turn argo fans into ti-cat fans, until he's stopped by the argo mascot with a cape on. It fell flat.
Childish stuff. We need to get the last laugh this year. Beat em on labour day, of course. But beat 'em in the playoffs? priceless.

That little jingle was probably the gayest thing I've ever heard (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The game didn't go the way I wanted it to , but I can live with that. There were some positives and some negatives and I'm sure we can only get better from here. As for them beating us with their backup QB, let's not be silly. Wynn isn't exactly Joe Blow from off the street. He's a talented, experienced CFL QB who was on today. He might not be on next week. That's his problem. He's inconsistent.

I wasn't bothered by the stadium, although I prefer the dome closed, what really did bother me was the abuse that the officials took from several Blue team players. That is inexcusable. I know things happen in the heat of the moment, but I saw O'Shea with his finger right in the face of a ref jawing off and Steinauer had a go at it as well as the guy who got ejected. It's becoming commonplace and should not be tolerated.

Wow I didn’t see that stuff from the Argos perhaps when I watch the video I will see that stuff. That shouldn’t be tolerated you are right.

By the way Borehamgirl nice to see you at the game.

Ditto Hitch :smiley:

I hope you were at least equally offended by the (presumably) Ticat fans yelling "the chant" DURING the national anthem. Not during the last few bars, where it turns into a big noisy cheer at all sporting events, but a few lines in, and again when she tried to sing the French part, and then again a few lines later.

IMO anyone that only sees boorishness in the other team's fans isn't really looking at things objectively.

I don't generally like the RC for football, but today was a pretty good day at the ballpark - decent enough pre-game stuff, wrong outcome but an entertaining enough game, nice weather, a choice of beer. Most of the videoboard stuff fell flat but at least they're trying - we have a great board at IW but don't do much with it.

Let's all remember that the Argo's were saying that Pre Season doesn't matter and only the Regular Season counts. That's true to an extent, but a truer statement would be that you don't win Grey Cups in June. Winning your last game in November is really what counts.

learn to take a joke, u baby.
and im not from t.o. but i had a good time at teh game, and im goin to next saturdays hamilton opener...get over it and gain a sense of humor.


Thats what I posted a week ago and people bashed me, when clearly you agree with me.

But as for them telling you to go home man that is messed up I think some people have no courtesy for other fans at all, you never see this at Ivor Wynne from anyone and that just goes to show you how fans are in Toronto. Plus it was after a win that is seriously sad, I could understand if they lost and fans are frustrated and say something they would regret.

your an idiot.

I have heard some comments from Hamilton towards Toronto fans that aren't pleasant. I have shouted in the stands towards the team that they should start the bus when they are losing and things like that but I don't single out a fan from another team and insult them and things like that.

How did ya like the game DG?


i really had a good time, hitch, thanks.

i was amazed, when the ticats had that INT, a whole section near my area stood up and cheered really loud....good to see so many dedicated fans make the gonna be cheerin on the cats next week.

how bout u, hitch? did u like the game?