New Arena Football League in 2010

This article on the Globe and Mail website reports that a new arena football league, to be named Arena Football 1 and comprising at least sixteen teams, announced today that it will commence play in 2010.

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Cool -- a soft landing for Bish! He can make uberdivots for the Bossier-Shreveport (La.) BattleWings in no time come 2010!

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Oski Wee Field,


Hamilton has an empty arena and there is a football following in this city. Why couldn't we be the first Canadian team in Arena football?

Well, not the first:

I think that an arena football team in Hamilton if marketed correctly would be great -- cross-promotion with the Cats might help generate more football interest in the region with youth.

I kid around about Arena Football as "telephone booth football", etc. It should be stated though that any additional work for football players to ply their trade is fine by me. Kurt Warner is the gold standard for guys who excelled on the outdoor gridiron after a stint in the arena game. I tend to focus more on that achievement than the Michael Bishop Experience in the AFL, but I digress, LOL

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I dunno -- I find Arena football pretty hokey.
I'd much prefer to have a decent ownership group bring Lacrosse back here over AFL.

I can see the headline now:


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Lacrosse is another good call. I grew up near a couple of excellent lacrosse players...great game -- incredibly physical and intense at the highest level!

Here's a photo of lacrosse/football legend Jim Brown is lacrosse mode: ... crosse.jpg . It was awesome to see him on NFL Network a couple of years ago being interviewed while playing catch with another lacrosse player! LOL

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lets fill the stadium we have.. not the one we are dreaming about
for the team we have... not the one we are dreaming about

for the game we have CFL football

and leave the roller derby of football to the people south of the border who like "to throw their money away.."

wait a minute!?

  • after all those 3-15 seasons, did I really say that?

seriously folks don't cheapen this website by alluding to arena football as anything more than gaudy entertainment (and watch the arrows come flying at me for daring to say that one!) :twisted:

Gee, maybe we should add ring posts, turnbuckles, folding chairs, ladders, folding tables, a cage/cell, Jim Ross as the stadium announcer, Mick Foley as the "special guest referee", and some local legends such as George "The Animal" Steele, Angelo "King Kong" Mosca, Ted Grizzley, etc...

Af course, this would be going on as the game is being played... lol

Lest we forget Silent Brian Mackney! Michael Bishop could learn a thing or two about technical brilliance in defeat from him! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Jobbery,


why stop there... we could have wrestling at half time and bring on lord athol laytonm bill red lyons and sweet daddy siki!

btw "Reginald Siki" born in Montgomery texas is currently a karaoke DJ at The Duke on Queen Street East in Toronto...

I would rather see Arena football than NHL hockey!!
seriously I find any football more entertaining than hockey, I would rather sit in an Arena and watch football.

8) Unfortunately, Lord Athol Layton, Billy "Red" Lyons, and the above mentioned, Ted Grizzly, are now
 deceased !!

 As you mentioned, the great "Sweet Daddy" Siki, is still going strong  !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

So is King Kong Mosica..

we've already got two roller derby teams anyway. :slight_smile:

Arena Football is a gimic.

It's like watching Slam Ball.