New arena complex for Ottawa at LeBreton Flats

I see Eugene Melynk's bid scored the highest. This is something that maybe Hamilton could do, on a smaller scale due to size of the area, if there is some big money available for the West Harbour in light of the current Mayor having previously wanted to see the stadium, therefore sports, on that site years ago. If Hamilton is still interested in the NHL for the city. I don't know.

RendezVous LeBreton named highest ranking bid for Lebreton Flats

Rendezvous LeBreton: Accesible Sports and Community Complex with 2 NHL-sized hockey rinks New Ottawa Central Library planned for Albert and Booth Streets Major events centre with 18,000 seats and outdoor area with capacity of 28,000 Pedestrian concourse with a ‘digital’ pathway First Nations Plaza New home for Ottawa Race Weekend, Army Run and Run Ottawa. Canada House – gathering space for members of military with space for medical care for military families 4,400 residential units and 2.8 million square feet of retail and office space Timeline: Development expected to take about 30 years, with the first Ottawa Senators game expected to happen in 2021. First of three neighbourhoods to open by 2026.
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you mean the same Mayor that signed off on a project that says no stadium at west harbour and than flip flopping to try and put IWS2 there? that Mayor?

Hamilton has as much chance as getting a NHL team as Toronto getting a NFL team, maybe even less :cry:

Yup, the same Mayor that couldn't figure out how to get the private sector on board for his flip-flopped plan as you say correctly ryan, for sure.

And I agree with your second sentence as well.