"New Approach"

I can't believe the coaching staff the last few games has this new approach to the game....very aggressive offense and defense....no letting up...crush to the end. Now I did see a little zone out there but over all a terrific job done despite the ref's best effort to help out Montreal....Calgary looks unbeatable but on any given day??? Good-luck fans on Sunday.

Actually, we played Calgary pretty close earlier in the season with LeFevour in at QB. With our run defence being so good, I think the game will be closer than many might think...

While I don't think for a second that the Stamps will run away with this, let's not forget that in the previous matchups this year, Jon Cornish didn't play for Calgary. I think both teams are better now than they were back in the summer, having Cornish in there makes a difference for Calgary. How will Hamilton's league-best run defense do against the league's best running back? It is going to be a fun matchup to watch next Sunday. Dickenson and Steinauer matching wits will be a thing of beauty.

It will be very interesting indeed , can we stop the best RB ? Can Speedy B still make an impact? Will Fantuz be back not just as a decoy like against the ALs, I think our team has really turned a corner and we still are not firing on all 8 cylinders yet

If our D plays like the last 2 games They Can beat The Green Bay Packers, so Calgary is not out of the Question :rockin:

Great point...Cornish was out then...well there's no secret to stopping him...hit him so hard, and often in the first 10 minutes that he won't want to run anymore..ha..ha.....jam up that middle and make him go wide and wait for the stretcher to pick him up after our defensive backs are done with him....well lets hope it plays out that way...I can dream....I think Fantuz will be in the mix on Sunday so it should open up the others even more and our running game is getting better.