New and improved

As it stands today, who has the most depth at Quarterback?
Who will be the most improved team?

the Jets :slight_smile:

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I’ll go with Edmonton on both counts. If Cornelius is third on the depth chart behind Ford and BLT, that’s a pretty good chart.


Winnipeg or New York?
Or West Side Story?

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Actually, I meant to say the Patriots :slight_smile:

Could be the Jets if Rogers plays more than 3 downs.

I was thinking of Rourke

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What the hell?

I clicked on the title of this thread thinking it was going to be about Tide Pods.


naah, they still taste awful

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Wasn’t there a thing where little kids were eating them, and they had to change how they looked or some such thing?

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Too early to tell. Ask me again in a few weeks when free agency settles.

Ottawa has the most QB’s and the most depth under contract, but none of them are proven starters except for perhaps Masoli, who may never be able to physically play again.

Arguably Calgary and Hamilton don’t even have a #1 QB.

Saskatchewan has an aging oft injured starter with little depth.

Toronto looking good. So is Edmonton if they can field a decent O Line.

Montreal has an average regular season QB who managed to play his best in the big games last year. Will he revert to career form? Don’t think they have much beyond that.

Winnipeg and BC have top flight starters but nothing else so their depth assessment will have to wait until free agency is done. If Winnipeg signs Streveler they win. In fact anyone that signs Streveler probably wins.

Too early to tell as of today.


I agree with every one of your points. Sounds like Edmonton tops your list as well.
But yeah, it is early.

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Caleb Evans started and won two games for MTL last year when Fajardo was injured. He’s also still young (25).

Davis Alexander is the third-string in his third year with the team. Time will tell if he turns into anything or winds up being a Shiltz…

He’s a capable backup, but not a pure passer. I’d like to see Alexander take some snaps as well.

Not sold on any of those two. Evans hasn’t shown anything to me and Alexander hasn’t seen any meaningful playing time. It’s possible they might amount to something but as of now they are nothing but a ? To me.

Yeah, I’m not saying we have the next Calvillo behind Fajardo or anything. Just noting that Evans has done some decent work and that the team seems to really like Alexander.

Calvillo struggled early on, so yeah, you never know,

Moi aussi. J’ai vu de belle choses de la part d’Alexander et j’ai hâte qu’il ait une vraie chance de se faire valoir.

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Agreed! But Corny is gone along with his overpaid contract. BTW, now the money is paid off for firing CEO, GM, and coaches, the Elks are making lots and lots of interesting signings

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At least most southerners quit injecting bleach. In this century of AI, quantum computers, and space travel, Science is questioned.