New and improved?

I can’t remember a year when this many starting QB’s have switched teams before a season. It should be interesting to say the least. Who will fare the best? Which teams have improved as a result?

I’m going to put Adams in the mix, as he will be the new starter with the Lions going in.

I have no idea how to answer my own question.
Fajardo, Harris, Bo, Adams Jr…..all could potentially improve their teams.
I’d say Adams has the best shot at making an impact.

Lions got second in the west last year. I can't see Adams making a great improvement. Hamilton will probably take that crown.

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I'm thinking Sask and Calgary are going to discover the grass was greener with what you had.


Adams is not an upgrade over Rourke.

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I feel dumb. Maybe Fajardo. Or Harris. Or Bo.
How long till training camp?


If the Lions have to go all the way with Adams, they do not make playoffs


Without a doubt, unless he gets injured, BLM will have the biggest impact to his new team.


I think the other QB BC sneaked away in free agency has more opportunity to make an impact. I never thought Dominique Davis was really given a fair shake in Montreal or enough time on the field. I would bet he is a big part of BC succeeding this season...

As for the others - Hamilton overspent on Bo, are shopping Dane around to try to get rid of his contract, and will need to replace a lot of quality players to even be as good as last year.

Harris will fall apart for 5-7 games like usual and it's yet to be seen if they have a receiving corps that can run the short throw offence Harris plays. In addition their defence has taken a few hits. They can't replace Sankey easily and he was a key piece last year.

Fajardo will do well. He has a running game between the tackles in Montreal and enough receiving talent to make it work. The defence there lost a few pieces but has shown that Danny can fi the holes.

Calgary - probably in the most trouble. Half their D-line has either left or not signed. A lot of talent left for Hamilton and Saskatchewan and Maier - BC showed how to shut him down in the west semi last season.


BLM has been on the decline for a few seasons now. I'm curious to see if he can rebound in Hamilton.


Except for the riders' situation, it's very different from Calgary

Jesus himself couldn't have been a successful QB with that oline. Much of any improvement they have this season will be tied to oline improvements over a change in QB


Calgary brought back James Vaughters to go with Julian Howsare joining Mike Rose and company and I won't be surprised to see Shawn Lemon return after trying FA. Calgary has holes to fill but I don't see the D line as an issue. Not impossible they also find another newbie and who would be surprised if they do.

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A stable Harris was a good solid game manager ...who could deliver the ball

the Als needed that until the next long term QB arrived .


Adams has done very little so far in his career. Adams will be backup.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Evans in BC. No one is trading for evans so it will force the cats to cut him …… So long as the argos don’t end up needing to fill a spot I see Evans landing in BC / Edmonton or even Calgary as the back up

Tiger-Cats have no timeline to determine future of QB Evans Hamilton Tiger-Cats have no timeline to determine future of Dane Evans -

This is funny, lol. The cats can't keep both QB's it would put them so far over cap that it would put them in uncharted territory.

Unless a team has a starting qb go out in pre season , or the Argos find themselves without plan A re signing ..... Evans would have zero trade value and keeping him to cut off then releasing him would be a season killer and potential a carrer ending move

I get it if their plan was to stall him out wanting to force him to take a pay.cut and remain as the #2 ..... but man this nasty move is why the CFL needs guaranteed money for players kick on onnthe day after FA kicks in