New American CFL Fan

Hello All,
I would just like to start off by saying what a great game you have. For a long time i knew that the CFL existed but never got a chance to watch any of the games or folow any of the teams. That is until this season. I have had a long love affair with anything Canada such a beautiful country not to mention i love Hockey as well i have always wanted to live in Canada i love the place. While watching my local cable i noticied that the CFL was on i tuned in and fell DEEPLY in love with the game. It was a Argos vs. Bombers game. Though the Argos lost i have since become an Argos fan i'm not sure why but i like them. The CFL for me has brought alot of comfort because i get to watch some great football during the NFL off-season. I still plan on following my Argos and the rest of the CFL till the Grey Cup. I fell in love with this style of football and i plan to be a fan for life my whole purpose for posting this is to connect with other fans and to thank everyone for keeping such a league going. I hope that you will accept me into your fandom i love the CFL and i love Canada.
Thanks again everyone!

Hey, welcome. As a Ticat fan I am officially required to hate you for being an Argo fan (LOL), but seeing as your new I don't think I will :lol:
Cheers, enjoy the CFL, it's an amazing league.

Right on Chris, glad to have you on board!
It's kinda funny...lots of Americans won't watch CFL just because it's not American, but when you guys do, you love it! I met a bunch of fans from Baltimore at the 2005 Grey Cup, and ever since the Baltimore Stallions moved to Montreal, they still follow the team, more than they follow the Baltimore Ravens
But I love it all! When the CFL season is over, there is still half a NFL season to go, so it's like the best of both worlds!
.....hmmm...anyone watched the XFL when it was around?

I used to watch the XFL for the one season it was around back in 2001. It wasn't great quality of football and Vince McMahon hyped it way to far. Thanks for the comments guys and as for the Ticats fan its ok i won't hate you either LOL! I have noticed that down here i am a bit of an oddity although i tried explaining that we can all follow both leagues but no one listens oh well what can you do. All that matters is i am a fan and i enjoy the league with you guys.

We don't all get along Chris and there is lots of sniping, but we all have one thing in common - we love Our League. Welcome! :rockin:

Though the Argos lost i have since become an Argos fan
Nice! You can become a fan over and over again this season.
i'm not sure why but i like them
...America's team! Good choice. 8)

Didn't the XFL only last one season? I watched the first game - I remember the whole thing about allowing the players to have anything they wanted on the nameplate part of their jerseys and the "he hate me" guy.

I tried watching a few games after that but the qualityt of play was poor IMO and I stopped watching.

I did find it interesting that instead of an opening kick-off at the beginning of the game, each team had a played at their end of the field and to start the game, they had to run to centre field and fight for the ball to establish offensive possession. I thought they had some interesting rules that the NFL could adopt to make their game more interesting. But it is not like that would ever happen.

Hey Tecmo,
You must be a Ticats fan right? See this is why i love the CFL fans you guys have so much passion. Either way this is fun keep em' coming guys.

No, No, No, No, No....
TECMO just tries to be reasonable but has the essential personality flaw of actually liking the A******. A Ti-Cat fan just cannot utter the awful name of the blew team - double-blew actually.

Chris... there is still time for redemption. You don't have to go over to the dark side. :smiley:

God love you picking the Argos. They're having an awful season. Cody Pickett is playing really good, but coach Bart Andrus is having difficulty adjusting to the Canadian game. Especially the 20 second play clock. He'll learn... :cowboy:

Welcome aboard! You'll find that there are a lot of American fans of CFL Football, just check out these other sites:

[url=][/url], [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

Good luck!!!



What I find funny, is how it was a bomber/Argo game that turned you on to the CFL. LOL both those games had less than 300 total yards on offense, and are probably considered to be the worst of the year. Welcome and I hope you get the chance to see other games live in person.

LoL "He Hate Me" is actually Rod Smart, and I'm sure he had a small stint in the CFL. With the Eskimos I think?

Hey Mark,
Thats some good stuff about the "darkside" and all. Thanks for the offer of redemption but i chose the Argos and i'm gonna stick with them no matter what. I don't want to be a bandwagon jumper we have too many of those here in the states and they annoy the living daylights out of me. Hopefully soon i'll get to experience some of the rivalries you guys are talking about i've heard great things and i can't wait to come to a game to see for myself. Oh yeah and GO ARGOS!!!!! (even though they suck lol!) :rockin:

Welcom Chris 8388 - it is a wonderful country and wonderful game.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

laughs out loud

RE-I have noticed that down here i am a bit of an oddity although i tried explaining that we can all follow both leagues but no one listens oh well what can you do. All that matters is i am a fan and i enjoy the league with you guys Are you sure your not in southern ontario? :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome and keep spreading the CFL news - Oskee wee wee BTW ARgo,s S...K Just joking - the Ago,s anfd TigerCats are steeped in nestalga and history as is the whole CFL-

Nasty stuff, that nestalgia. Causes feuds, I hear. :wink:

I speak canadian french eh

No problem there... just your name. For a couple of years there we had Maasdestruction in Hamilton.