New Alouettes podcast

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I just wanted to mention that there is a new Alouettes podcast available on the net as of this season, Alouettes FlightDeck.

We hope you download, listen and enjoy it as much as we love doing it.

Search "Alouettes FlightDeck" at PodBean, iTunes and Google Play Music.

How were you able to scrape up enough to talk about with so little going on with the team? :smiley:

Sometimes I wonder myself. 8)

I have listened to all the shows so far. Too many of the exchanges between the hosts goes like this:

Tim Capper: Cliffy D, what do you think of XXXXX?

Cliffy D: XXXXXXX XXXXXX sigh.

In other words, Cliffy D responses are mostly half a thought followed by a sigh. In the last episode, Cliffy D said Cato is a natural read option QB. Problem with that evaluation is that Cato doesn’t take bumps.

I agree. I'd mix things up, have players, have round tables, this is too "bromantic" for me. But A+ for the effort.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

We've been lucky to have a few guests (Als Pres Mark Weightman) and our semi regular stats segment with CFL Head Statistician Steve Daniel. We are hoping to get more and do collabs with the other teams podcasters.

You guys might want to consider getting Tanner Marsh as a guest. He was on another show this week to talk CFL, so he would seem open to talk Als football. Marsh could answer questions about being a QB in the CFL, about being a QB with the Als in particular, and things that happened with the Als when he was there.

Special Edition of Flightdeck with guest Tanner Marsh was released today. Some tidbits from Marsh:

-Thought Turk Schonert was an excellent OC and was disappointed when he was let go.

-Likes Dan Hawkins as a high school or college HC but not as a professional coach. Marsh used the example of Hawkins giving a motivational Powerpoint speech after dinner when professionals do not need to be reminded of the importance of playing well.

-Says when a team makes a change at HC, the team can either be excited about it or confused by it. When Marsh was there with the Als, he experienced both when Jim Popp took over. The positive reaction was when Popp took over for Hawkins. Team evidently was not as enthusiastic when Popp replaced Tom Higgins.

-Believes that all Als had great respect for Jim Popp as a GM. Players did not feel the same about Popp as a HC.

-Said that his 2013 last minute bomb to Eric Deslauriers to set up a game-winning field goal was a play that was designed for Duron Carter. However during that final drive, Carter had gone long on every play and was too tired to run downfield one more time. Deslauriers volunteered to be the one going deep and proceeded to make the big catch.