New Alouettes Coach Forum Finals

Of All the candidates posted last week the two polls, these gentlemen came out on top. This time you may only pick one. But you may Change your choice at any time. Noel Thorpe while trailing was added out of fairness.

Have at it !

My choice remains Noel Thorpe and Doug Berry as QB coach + Offensive Coordinator should Pat Meyer leaves.


I’m going to go with Coach Chapdelaine. He’s always built good offenses and he’s paid his dues. Probably the smoothest transition you could have from Trestman, they are a lot alike in their demeanors and I think him and Thorpe might be a good fit.

Chris Jones because I want a former DC as our new head coach -- he'll help our own defense and take some of the heat off Thorpe as DC. I also want Jones because it's a chance to poach a good coach from the Argos -- after all their theft the past few years, it's time to return the favour.


With him gone from BC, we may finally get a chance to beat the Lions on the road.

I'm not convinced of Chapdelaine. I find him overrated. BC's offense hasn't been consistently stellar the past few years and he's been there a long time. In fact, were it not for their defense stepping up this season, the Lions might not have finished with the record they did.

Plus, I don't want the new coach to be the same personality as Trestman. I want a change of pace, a firebrand guy, someone more in the mold of Don Matthews. We need to find our cahones again...

Jones for head coach, Cortez for O/C.

That would be a great combo!

Je crois que Jones serait le meilleur choix de cette liste.

Par contre, il faudrait alors que le coordonnateur de l'offensive soit quelqu'un qui a beaucoup travaillé avec les quarts-arrières. Ceci place Berry et Cortez en meilleure position, car je ne crois pas que Chapdelaine est prêt à faire le saut.

Il avait une occasion avec la retraite de Wally comme entraîneur-chef et n'a pas fait partie des discussions. Je le soupçonne de s'être lui-même écarté de ce chemin à ce point-ci de sa carrière. Chapdelaine n'avait pas bâti d'attaque solide avant l'arrivée de Lulay. Et encore, il a fallu être très patient avant que les choses se mettent en place. Les Lions ont surtout capitalisé sur une défensive très impressionnante. Si Chapdelaine n'était pas intriguant il y a 2 ans, il a certainement acquis du métier et m'apparaît aujourd'hui bien meilleur qu'il ne l'était il y a deux ans. Il sera probablement un jour entraîneur-chef, mais pas immédiatement.

Thorpe est un candidat intéressant, mais je le crois encore un peu vert pour prendre ce poste. De le voir comme coordonnateur de la défensive me plaît, mais j'attendrais de le voir à l'oeuvre avant de le considérer comme entraîneur-chef. Jones m'apparaît plus mûr.

I concur LeStaf. I'd go with Jones as HC and Cortez as OC, with Berry second choice for OC

I voted Chris Jones because the question is who should be the new coach.

But I am almost positive it would be Doug Berry because of Popp`s high regard for him.

Chris Jones would be a good choice.

Jones, Berry or Mike Keenan who cares! I want to see a clip board thrown on the field, I want to see headphones thrown when Murray Clark calls a dumb penalty! We need a coach thats going to kick garbage cans!! :rockin:

That could be a great combo but that could make Calivillo reconsider his retirement as I could see Cortez liking soon to be free agent McPherson who has simialr skill set to a younger Burris with the mobility and big arm that Cortez and Burris shared at Calgary with success and last year at Hamilton with the same success. The Big strike offense will not be such a big thing with Jones in Command as he will not settle for an avg play from the defense.
Just something to think about.
I think Lapo will be the replacement though. He is currently free and will most likley not disrupt what the offense and AC does best. He is also very intersted in developing Kyle Quinlan which is a plus

That and I'm not sure Jones would come to Montreal if Jim is still around.

Hey all. I've been reading & watching your daily thoughts. I've stayed silent.
Your passion for the Als, remarkable. All of you.
Which ever way this plays out, Kudos to all of you for keeping the enthusiasm alive.

I nominate my brother for the next head coach.
Grade 8 flag football semi finalist Stewart School.
Blue Devils high school back up QB. (Perth, ONT)
Ottawa Colts OC.
Head coach of Glebe High School.

New Condo owner overlooking the Landsdown park and torn between teams. Als or the Red & Black.
Gee Gees fan for life.

Le Chug.

Why? Jones worked in Montreal for many years.

I posted this in the wrong thread so I'll move it here

I think you may have Jacques Chapdelaine in the mix with Cortez going to BC as OC ( he and Buono worked a long time together in Calgary).
While JC had his detractors many players, including Geroy Simon, have often said they cannot believe he hasn't been mentioned much in HC discussions.

He's a CFL lifer, been trained under the best, knows the game inside and out and has shown no inclination to jump ship and move about. Not bad traits.

And he is far more fiery than outsiders think. And FWIW a Canadian. Who will live in Montreal.

And keep in mind he's had great success with QBs most recently with Lulay.

How about consideration to Dave Dickenson?

Not ready IMO. He's only been a coach for a few years, only OC for two of them. And personally, I'd prefer to go with a former DC as our next head coach. Our offense will be effective no matter who's running it. Our defense has been a joke for the past two years. I want teams to fear our D like they did during the Matthews era...