New Additions to the Wall of Honour for 2022

The Edmonton Elks are proud to announce that Jim Germany (RB), Joe Hollimon (DB), and Ed Jones (DB) will all be joining the team’s Wall of Honour next month. The trio played key roles for the EE during the team’s five straight Grey Cups from 1978 to 1982, and will be added to the Wall of Honour during a halftime ceremony against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday, August 13.

Dont remember Jones, but as to the other two, what took so long?

Because of the 5 in a row and all the guys that deserve to be there from the 70's, and the 50's cup winners.
There are a ton of guys who deserve to be there that are not. One I would like to see is not just based on his playing career, Bruce Lemmerman.

how many do they do a year?

3-4 but it varies.

I dont know how it is with other teams as I dont pay alot of attention to it, or just plain cant remember, but if I read this right

Wall of Honour - Edmonton Elks (

avertage of less than 1 a year with none on many years. I would have thought 2 or 3 a year.

There are what 38 so far. It's been a couple years since we inducted more than 1 guy. But usually its at least two. We started in the mid 80's but adding guys has been a little uneven.

Personally - I think its far more of an honour to get guys recognized when they are still alive and able to enjoy the day and seeing their name go up than for posthumous awards.

thats a point

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It's so good for the team too. You know, those guys with the swag an swagger being around the club - all those Grey Cup rings - its gotta inspire.


The unfortunate thing about that day to honour Jim Germany, Ed Jones, and Joe Hollimon was that It was not done shortly after halftime.

I get it was a bad rain storm. They could have done a lot better then doing it after the game. There was no coverage on TSN as it went to Sportscentre.

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