New Addition

Here is my rider pride, I just got a puppy, and named her rough rider.

My mom fears that I will actually have a child some day and name them rough rider

You can't go wrong with a name like that! :rockin: :cowboy: 8)

Go Riders!

Nice Rider Pride, can't waite until 2007 season to see my favourite Riders Eddie Davis, Jason Armstead, and Reggie Hunt to hit the field...and my 4th favourite Matt Dominguez

You named your dog after Ottawa?

Good 1.... :roll:

GRGBleedGreen you are a smart man Jason Armstead is gonna rip the turf up this year

Lets hope so haha, he needs to get more passes and he might just do that with the crappy running we have, we might just have to throw or just get Joseph to run, I seriously wouldn't be totaly shocked if he led the team in rushing yards this year.

Well Jman, look how its spelled.
Rough Rider is the Ottawa team.
Roughrider is saskatchewan.


Yeah I know... But dude wouldnt name his dog after Ottawa..

If I had some pet snakes I would name them Bernie and Lonie after the Gliebs...

I know Jman, cant you take a Joke.

Yea yea, 1, not 50!!!!

Yeah i can take a joke man, but I honestly didnt find that funny... I thought it was pretty lame, no offence... lol

Ok then I owe you another 49 more bad jokes to make up for it.
I know, take a look at the riders roster and you will find at least 49 jokes,lol

That was a little bit better, at least a smile came to my face! :smiley:

I smiled for 5 hours on the way back to Winnipeg after the last Labour Day game,lol

Hey BeerBarons
I smiled after a quick search....

[url=] ... 11024.html[/url]

and i quote-
clears throat
"there's just one 'Riders"

Yea well we had a good ole ride back from the banjo bowl on our tractors and combines

LOL well first that is old news and once again Ottawa has no team and that article has no bearing on the new owners if a new group of owners gets found.

And second, your forgetting that I am just as much a Rider fan as I am a Bomber fan.

And Third, Where did you guys find a tilted feild?

[url=] ... _Field.jpg[/url]

Did you build it like that so that the players can run down feild and uphill at the same time?