New accquissions

I am quite pleased with some of our new accquissions (Armstrong & Williams). This helps to take the sting out of some of our losses. We need a running back yet, maybe Cates or Robertson, and another linebacker. I can see another quality player coming over in exchange for one of our quarterbacks. Things are looking up and interesting in Lotusland! :thup:

Don’t forget we signed Sanchez too.

Running back is no big deal, really easy to find. And if anything we’ll be sticking Jamall Lee and Andrew Harris in at that spot… 2 of the highest ranked prospects the league’s ever had - they could put on a show.

I’m sure there’s a deal for a Linebacker for one of our QB’s, just waiting to see where Jyles signs first… if that doesn’t work out Barrin Simpson’s waiting. Yurichuk isn’t getting enough attention either… he should be in the rotation on a more regular basis.

Now that Moreno from TO is available, let's get him. We sure could use him, as he is better than what we have. Hope he wants to come out west. I think Buck will be wearing the double blue this year.

Moreno or Simpson would be good.

Moreno would help with any run stopping problems the Lions defense may have. As an Argo fan, I can say he played with fire in his gut last year. When he was with Hamilton, he was a menace then too. I hope someone picks him up.

Definitely a throw back to the MLB position.