New 2016 survey: 24% Canadians follow CFL closely

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Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra (CFL Director of Communications)
Interesting sports survey coming out tomorrow from @uLethbridge. Strong and steady national numbers for the #CFL!

*NHL has dipped 6% from a year ago

Nice, that's that research group at the Univ. of Lethbridge that has published extensively on this subject I believe.

All Canadians, or just sports fans?

Paulo Senra ?@paulosenra (CFL Director of Communications)
More from tomorrow's national sports survey: numbers indicate #CFL is more popular than #NBA and #MLS in ALL five tested regions of #Canada.

According to the survey, both the CFL and NFL have gained tremendous interest since 1990, but where the CFL had a 5 point lead on the NFL, it's now just 2.
But, 15 in '90 to 24 now is still very impressive.

it was only 15% in 2000 and jumped to 26% by 2013, a whopping increase of 11% in just 13 years.

I am included in that 5-point jump from 2000 to 2005.