New 2012 Jersey Designs?

When are we going to get a preview? My interest has definitely been tweaked after the season ticket holder e-mail notification this week! When is the official launch - preseason or regular season opener?


What did the e-mail say?

It's Merch Madness at 1 Jarvis Street! The Hamilton Tiger-Cats would like to invite our Season Seat Holders and their friends to our First Annual Warehouse Blowout Sale! You and your guests will receive up to 70% off Tiger-Cats inventory and a one-day-only, store-wide discount of 35% on the rest of our merchandise (excludes 2012 jerseys). Special priced items will include select $10 toques & t-shirts, $15 hats $15 scarfs, $35 sweatshirts, $2 rally towels and $5 bandanas.

The Warehouse Sale will also be an exclusive opportunity for Season Seat Holders to pre-order their 2012 redesigned Hamilton Tiger-Cats jerseys. Season Seat Holders will get their 10% discount and a free Tiger-Cats hat with the pre-order of their new replica jersey. (Jerseys will be available for pick up on Tuesday, May 1 OR at the Season Seat Holder Ticket Pick Up Party on Saturday, May 12.)

Warehouse Blowout Sale details:

Where: 1 Jarvis Street, Hamilton

When: Saturday, March 24, 9-11 am

Who: Season Seat Holders and friends

What: 35% off store-wide with great deals including select $10 toques & t-shirts, $15 hats $15 scarfs, $35 sweatshirts, $2 rally towels and $5 bandanas.

We're looking forward to seeing you and your guests at the TigerTown Store on March 24. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call 905-667-6206.

Oskee Wee Wee,

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

So they are trying to blow out all the stuff before the redesigned stuff comes in. Something for everyone :thup:

I too get messages almost once a week as a Season Ticket holder from TICATSSEASONSEATHOLDERS@TICATS.CA

With blowout sales, exclusive early access to the locker room sale in December, and promos on other items for limited time during the season, the back office have found a way to get our interest up year round.

Now with the Never Waste a Ticket policy, why don't you get a season ticket or two and get these emails directly?

Nothing like a change of Jersey designs to let the store push out the new ones and then mark down the old Reebok ones and start all over. I smell a Reebok special mark down coming for training camp. I stopped in to pick up three newborn 'onesies' from 1 Jarvis Street for the expected arrival this month of my seventh grandchild. All my grandkids should be able to 'Oskee Wee Wee' from the start. There are a lot of items in the 1 Jarvis Street store that aren't in the online store. Good fun browsing.

Oskee Wee Wee.

If the old jersey's are on sale for 70% off, I will without question be picking up a few.

I was thinking that if they are allowing season ticket holders to pre-order the new jerseys on Saturday, they should be showing them in some manner before people put down money and order...

That would make sense to me...

Times like this, I wish I lived closer to Hamilton. Oh well.

Let's hope someone takes pictures :slight_smile:

Went to the sale, and the employees at the store said that the jerseys will be unveiled on May 1st. There were no pictures, but one of the girls who works at the store told me and some friends that if you like the look of the 1970s retro jerseys you will like the new ones.

Oh please be true, 70s retro is the best looking uniform league wide of any era.

'70's or the '60's??

'cause the '70's ones were the wrong colour...They were yellow not gold...

It's the style, not the colour scheme, that I think they were referring to. My guess is that it will be a black chest area and white sleeves with multiple black and gold stripes at the bottom of the sleeves.

I hope you are right, but this would make more sense if football jerseys actually had definable sleeves anymore.

With today's very short sleeves, I suggest that a way to feature the horizontal stripes would be in the area running downward from the armpit. Looking at the picture of J.J. on the banner across the top of this page. With the black jersey, the sleeve would be white with, at most, a couple of stripes at the bottom and matching stripes running all the way down the area that is, in the picture, plain gold or yellow. Another way to imagine it is to look at the Mosca picture beside J.J., cut the sleeve off so there are just couple of stripes under a bit shorter white area and add a panel of matching stripes running down from the armpit.

If someone has the cut & paste skills to depict this idea, I'd love to see it.

[url=] ... tiger-cats[/url]

Hard to get/find pictures of the old days of the 70's, but I found this link above on the black Ti-Cat uniforms.

I hope most teams in the league follow the ti-cats and base their new uniforms from the 1970s. In 2010, when the league did the retro jerseys, almost every team came out with something better than their current ones.

Yeah, except the Argos, who came out wearing practice jerseys (no stripes anywhere) and forgot that they are the Double Blue (no light blue anyhere). That was the sorriest excuse for a "retro" in the history of football.

the riders 3rd jerseys are better than any retro jersey they have ever had. i hope they wear these every game for now on, as they are the nicest in the league ( will be second nicest if the cat's new unis are 70's inspired ):