New 2007 CFL Madden Rosters

Hey guys!
Just keeping up with all the roster moves and have my rosters almost ready to go. Just waiting for the end of camp to fine tune the ratings but most of the players are all done with the new 2006 stats included. I only have the QBs up right now but I'll add more positions soon. I'll post the players over 70 or 75 so only the vets are showing and I can add the rookies after camp.
ANyhow, check them out and if you want the rosters for Madden 2005 on XBox, if you send me a memory card in a self-addressed envelope, it's all yours too. :smiley:

RBs and WRs are up now too.
Just posted to top ones, since there will still be lots of cuts to come.

Nice work MartyMix. It must take a long time to create all these rosters.

Too create them from scratch, give yourself at least a week with 4-5 hours a day!!!!
Been working on them for 4 years now. Perfecting the ratings each time with more stats.
It's the closest thing you can get to playing a real CFL game.

just cheking out the site, that is some amazing work there MartyMix. I especially like the images of a few game shots. Those tables are really going to help out alot. But, we can only all hope that eventually you wont have to make those stats, cuz hopefully there will be a real CFl game

One has to love fans like this. MartyMix has done a lot of work and I am sure he has a blast doing it. I would like to see listed the players date of birth but still, he has done some good stuff here.

Great work, But i gotta disagree on some ratings... like Kerry Joseph has a stronger arm then an 88 his is like 96 at least. Hes the strongest QB in the league.

And Shermar Bracey isnt all that slow you have him as an 83. On madden that is really slow.

Actually, I had him at 91 but had to trim some points somewhere to get him to his overall rating of 87 because he's so fast, but just for you :wink:, I modified another attribute to give him the 91 THP he had. It'll show on the next update :smiley:
BTW: He never won strongest arm at the Quarterback challenge the last years either.

Bracey is listed at 235lbs, he's like a FB, plus I don't have his 40time, so I rated him as a RB (which it seems he'll be starting too) and got his speed to 84. Also boosted him overall to 84 since he's starting. Next update, will show.

I can't make 600 players PERFECTLY accuarate, but if you guys point out some little things, it just helps me get it closer to perfection, so keep bringing up some questionsable ones if you see an error.