new 1 year contracts lead to immense player turnover?

newly approved 1 year contracts may help lure a scant few NFL hopefuls although could be a painstaking detriment for player/team stability and fan recognition as current FA numbers are astronomical...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Overall, could B startling 206 players available (as free agents). 51% increase over last season and 66% over 2014. #CFL via @scratchingpost

It'll be very interesting to watch how this effects the league and continuity across the board. I feel like most guys when they come here from the states are uncomfortable and probably feel a lot better once they settle in with one team and one city set some roots type thing, so if a player has performed up to par (aka most fan favorurites) then a team will make a fair offer and they're likely to stay.

What might happen though is this could kill a squad like Winnipeg where a lot of guys bolt for greener pastures elsewhere in the CFL before they can really flourish with a couple years under their belt.

I don't worry at all about these higher than usual numbers. Looking at potential free agent lists provided on Hamilton and Saskatchewan forums, I don't expect too many of these players trying the NFL; many of these potential free agents are older and,in some cases, have already tried or played in the NFL. Definitely not a worry for me.


It’s not NFL defects that are the concern (as few make the jump anyway) but the constant player turnaround from one team to another during FA that is a concern now that one year contracts are permitted under the new CBA.

fan apathy heightens when player recognition dwindles while execs are pulling out their hair at the end of each season.

I definitely don't expect major player turnaround-players moving to other teams- during the 2015-2016 off-season; yes, there will be movements but it will be minimal. The major movements should be many older players released by their team.


I hope you are correct Richard but with a whopping 66% increase in FA's available this year the odds of player turnaround are greater than in years past.

we shall see.

it is surprising the CFLPA agreed to the 1 year contract provision though.

The more instability the worse the quality will be. Wonder if there is collusion ?

It's the CFLPA that wanted the 1 year contract/extension to the veterans.


Player contract details are not supposed to be released, but some of the larger contract details are now being leaked to the media.
As more and more contract details are exposed to the public, the agents and players will expect similar or better contracts for themselves.
The NHL has the same policy of not disclosing contract information,
but everyone knows exactly what every players NHL contract is, term, NTC's and $$$ because it is leaked to the media
There is a very good reason the League wants contract details unavailable to the public,
just as there is a very good reason that agents wants the larger contract details leaked
With Twitter, Cell Phones, media contacts etc. the League will not be able to stop it
Look at the Henoc Muamba tour that just happened and the details of his contract were leaked within minutes of his signing in MTL, this will become standard practice now

Loonie Cap is doing a good job of it right now

It's not surprising at all, the CFLPA has always hated the old 1+1 minimum, especially since it was a team option. If a guy plays well, the team picks up the option and he's paid well below his market value for a year.

What player wants that?

Here is the list of every teams 2016 potential free agents, it is a long one

[url=] ... ee-agents/[/url]

I meant the CFL (i.e.owners) my boo boo.

The data on that site is simply not credible. According to their list 95 percent of the top earners all play for Tor, MTl, Ham.

Wouldn't this be a result of Ottawa's addition, in part?

In 2014, they had no free agents to contribute to the total. There were fewer teams to count from.

In 2015, they had only about five as a result of offering extensions and signing their own players in 2014 to 2-year deals.

In 2016, they have 22.

It certainly doesn't account for the whole jump, but it's a factor.

They are hitting a wall with the SMS. We will know more between now and December 31st. If that list is still similar at the end of the calendar year. It will mean teams are up to their neck.

but only a slight factor as the RedBlacks comprise 11% of the total league's teams and yet FA's have risen an incredible 66%.

the primary reason is the number of 1 year contracts now in place across the board.

Also a 75 cent dollar probably is no incentive to signing long term deals either. Not that it affects what teams are offering but certainly affects what the younger players who hope for an NFL shot are willing to commit to.

The site just started this year, they can only update what they gather from the media, I believe the site will grow,
many of those Free agents will sign starting in December and then after Feb free agent frenzy begins and the larger contracts will get leaked to the media

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Walters (Bombers GM) said free agency will be as much about term as dollars as players want 1 year deals.
Says 1 yr contracts bad for #CFL.

Agree to it? They are the ones who asked for it. It was one of the only concessions they actually "won"