Nevis works out for N.O. Saints

[b][i]Ticats defensive lineman Drake Nevis worked out for the New Orleans Saints on Monday.

A Louisiana native, Nevis was a highly rated recruit coming out of John Ehret High School in Marrero, Lou. He accepted a scholarship to play football at Louisiana State University and earned first-team All-SEC honours in 2010. That’s right in the Saints backyard, easy to keep tabs on the six-foot-two, 301-pounder who calls Louisiana home in the football off-season.

Nevis spent time with five NFL teams before landing with Hamilton and making his Ticats debut in 2016. In 14 games he made 29 tackles and five sacks. More playing time was certainly earned, but the only reason it wasn’t granted is due to the way the Tiger-Cats constructed their ratio (seven Canadian starters).

If Nevis were to sign a deal with New Orleans it would mark the third straight year that a player from Hamilton has made their way south to the Saints. Delvin Breaux, a 2014 CFL all-star cover man, inked a contract with New Orleans and he’s turned into a legit NFL starter. Last off-season Erik Harris, who was a standout strongside linebacker and special teams performer for the Ticats, agreed to a pact with the Saints, earning a spot on the 53-man roster before he suffered a season-ending ACL injury four games into the 2016 campaign.[/i][/b]

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I'm a Saints fan, but I'd really wish they would stop picking off

LOL !!! Well being a Saints fan myself and although I would miss him in a Cat jersey I wouldn't mind seeing Nevis join Breaux and Harris in the Big Easy :slight_smile: And we could always replace him with the guy who Nevis replaced this past season in Big Brian Hall , who is a pending FA who wasted a season last year when he signed on with the Boat Anchors :stuck_out_tongue: . Big Mistake Bryan , it's time to come on home where you belong wearing the Black "n" Gold instead of wearing that poofy limp looking powder blue puke suit that you wore last year in Toronto. :lol:

I honestly wouldn't be a bit surprised at all to see Bryan Hall come back here if we can't re-sign Nevis in FA.

I guess if you keep striking gold, you're going to keep panning for more in the same location....

The Saints have made a definite pipeline out of the CFL, it's a bit worrisome as a fan but you can never complain about players getting a shot at the big ticket.

They had 8 players work out though from the CFL? That must be unprecedented. I think NFL teams are realizing that there is value in bringing guys in for a harmless workout, it can pay off in a massive way and there is loads of talent just waiting for the opportunity.

Was Willie Whitehead the first to start the Cat-Saint train?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I think its great that these guys are being watched, recognized and given the opportunity. A lot of people see the CFL as more of a dumping ground for the guys who couldn't make the NFL cut. But when NFL teams start picking out guys up here, and finding places for them, it makes it more like a farming system. You'll have guys work harder to try and get that 2nd shot.

Its just difficult watching your CFL team lose good guys to your NFL team. One gains, the other loses.