NEVER underestimate your opponnent....

........wise words that Mr. Killer, you should really take to heart.....The argo defence has never to be taken lightly....foolish teams that do........Back the the drawing board.....This team has a lot of work to do... :wink:


I will give the Argos full value for the win.

But, you can't spot anyone a 16 point lead before you start playing.

Could be a good lesson if the Bomber players remember you can't take a play, never mind almost 2 quarters off.

What it came down to was the Oline of Toronto winning most of the battles against a great front four, that was the biggest surprise for me.

Yep, I wasn't expecting that either. Damn you Toronto O-line for helping to start my Virtual Grey Cup week with a loss yet again! :lol:

Lemon showed a lot of improvement tonight. He made good reads and only tucked and ran when it made sense.

no, what it came down to was crappy special teams play again. thats 2 weeks in a row now.

check out the total yards.. bombers had 500, argos about200. it was owen's missed return plus spotting the argos a 16 point lead didnt help either.

2 things stand out why we lost.. 1. owen's missed fg return and 2. gallants unneccesary roughness call to put the argos in immediate fg position.

outside of a couple brain farts, the bombers played ok.

didnt underestimate them, just argos didnt make any mistakes, we made 2 which lead to 6 argos points.

turn the ball over and lose. we did and lost.

After 2 years, a post I agree with!

Argos had 317 yards :roll:

Come on ! What about all my posts about Mike Kelly :lol:

317.. 200, same crap.. bombers dominated the yardage. argos got lucky cuz of poor special teams play.

a couple of you after loss's are very bandwagon troll ish..

117 yards is more than one lenght of the field. They also won the turnover battle, time of possession and field position.

Oh and the game.

Not trolling , chatting football.

:lol: :lol:

As Hfx notes, the Argos won on time of possession, turnovers, and field position, besides getting the 'W' in the win column. They did a lot more right than just 'get lucky' on ST gaffes to win the game.

Why is it so hard to give the double Blue credit for a gutsy win?

It shouldn't be. They played a really good game. We just fell a wee bit short this time.

You can get all the yards you want, but at the end of the day its about quality instead of quantity. Lemon threw for less than 200 yards, but had zero turnovers, and thats what wins games.

your right argofan, the blue d just didn’t step up in the crunch time, and that really took us down.

You can NEVER give a team a 16 point lead in the first quarter, even though the bombers played very well to come back from it, it still put us in a huge hole, and the ST touchdown just really didn’t help.

Gotta give the credit to the argos for this one, but really, the Bombers made way too many mistakes, and calls on the feild just really weren’t going our way (even though they were probably the right calls)

a play that stood out was the pass that i think copeland caught then jovo grabbed it from his hands in the endzone and was called incomplete? Also, how were the Argos not called for holding, not even once, they were holding EVERY PLAY.

don’t mind my rant, i probably just need to sleep on the loss, probably just more disapointed than anything… :?

…btw, Serna sucks… :thdn:

Argos upset the Bombers. Not trying to rub it in, but I did say the Argos could upset the Bombers, and no one seemed to believe me. This is why we play the games.

So, will Bombers fans chill out? Honest question. Some of the posters on here seemed to think the Bombers were going to win the Cup after Week 1.

u realize i started a topic talking about not over estimating the argos and i hardly think they overestimated them. they overcame an early 16-0 lead to take the lead even.

when u come out flat, when u turn the ball over (twice).. u usually dont win. we made 2 fatal mistakes, the int and the fumble. those 2 fatal mistakes lead to 6 points for the argos.

we had guys go down on the defense with injuries. losing d smith, logan for the game and ike for parts of it did not help at all.

donald brown jr, who was cut 2 weeks ago was out there playing... thats all u need to know.

im hardly shocked, i never expected us to realisticallly woop the argos.. what? im a fan, im gonna say i think the bombers will woop the other team every week, if i said oh they should lose this.. what type of fan would i be?

am i upset they lost? sure.. is it the end of the world? NOT AT ALL.

but apparently on here praising your team for winning is considered thinking they will win the cup. NEVER ONCE did i or anyone else here, to my knowledge atleast, predit a grey cup win in week 1.

This is where u seperate the real fans from the trolls.. after a loss, who is level headed, who is thinking with their brain and not their heart.. fact is.. bombers shouldnt have even been that close but they were.. came down to the last play of the game.

people can blame the kicker, they can blame the lack of calls on the argos, they can blame brock ralph or fred reid or whoever really.. fact is.. WE LOST. its over now, who cares.

im not stupid, this team was just put together in the off season, all i wanted was for them to be competitive.. week 1 was a shock at how bad the cats played or maybe just maybe the bombers played that good. certainly the d played better week 1.

but.. positives = come back from 16-0 to take the lead, turn the ball over 2 times and still.. right in it to the very end. this team doesnt quit until the final whistle and thats what im taking from this game.

i dont care about the loss so much anymore.. its not like we were gonna go 18-0.

does it suck? sure. why did it happen? argos didnt turn the ball over and we did... twice. THAT SIMPLE.

our d gave up a 100 ++ yard td drive.. mainly running the ball too. it is what it is.

coming here like 30 sex after the game ended tho and calling ppl out for being excited about what their team did last year.. is my definition of a bandwagon fan.

to who started this topic.. whats the point behind it? to take a couple unneccesary personal shots at people who beleive in their team regardless of win or loss..

who the heck predicited a grey cup after week 1? seriously.. unless ur trolling the ticat boards.. and honestly the talking crap with ticat fans is well deserved because they were pretty sure we would be the doormat and we killed them. thats done tho now.. its irrelevant.

week 2 is done also, we lost, we move on. big deal.

Haven't you got your own losing team to worry about?

Not making excuses, I did complain about reffing in the Ham. game, but I did watch Mr. Hunt being held almost every play. Good points Milt and Killer. Time to move on!