Never say die or quit gades fans

tonite's game is important like the rest of the games at hand the Gades are going against the lions which I feel will be the toughest test ever no matter what I feel that the Gades will do whatever it takes to win that is why this team will prevail and fans in the captial will be proud.

didn’t look like it was important to them. did they even bother showing up tonight?



Why should the Renegades show up when the people of Ottawa don't show up. My feelings on that city were proved right when hardly anyone showed up to see the best team in the league try to extend their undefeated record. Let's get back to an 8 team league, or move them to the Maritimes.


The stadium was pretty full from what it showed on the TV. Granted, most of the people left well before the 4th ended, but they were still there for most of the game.

that was the worst game i had ever been to i dont blame the other 10,000fans to leave half way threw the 3rd quarter... Joseph has to learn how to throw the ball and stop running all the damn time he aint THE TEAM...
we had more fun throwing paper airplanes,small footballs n freesbees on the field if it wwasint for ranek the game would of been 6-61.....

but they still my team so

Go gades Go lol

Please leave this forum. Have you forgotten where your team has come from. Your team has been on the brink of destruction many many times. The times are good right now for your team but once Damon is gone and they start to lose your team will be back where they were before. Ottawa will support a team and they just need to be shown what Hamilton and Toronto have been shown, and that is one just one winning season that is what Edmonton is built on and now look at BC and their attendance.
Ownership has to earn the loyalty of fans period............................
By the way how does it feel to lose to Hamilton not even the Gades know that feeling this year.


:D Good one

ArgoFan1, you are a goddamn idiot.

Towards the end of the game when the Lions ran inanother picked ball for a TD , were the Gades fans who were still left actually cheering for the Lions?? Because it seemed that way on TV. I felt pretty bad for them. I would have felt much less bad if it was , say the Esks, receiving such a shallacking . Come to think of it, that would be fun to watch.

I thought those were BC fans...the one guy had a BC flag that he was waving.

btw, how'd those guys get to watch a game in a hottub?

Argofan... funny how your city deep down and truthfully just want an NFL team and will at any moment now drop the argos for that to occur.

No great loss for the CFL if the Argos switch to NFL. It’s not like Toronto is actually part of Canada.