Never have I ever seen...

...a team that posesses so much talent, so blatantly underacheive. They have all they need, 'cept coaching. This coaching staff should be embarrassed, Hughie should be emabarrased, we as fans are genuinely embarrassed. I know we're 7-5, but if we don't come out and hand BC's asses to them we are just another one of the friggin' bottom feeder's. :shock:

lack of running game will hurt'cha....should try to get davis from the ti-cats...they aint resignin him next year anyways, and edmonton cant wait that long to get him.

edmonton isn't good....they pass for EVERY play... don't be surprised when BC shit-kicks them all over the place this week!!!!

Drumming God is right. You have a heck of a passing game, especially when Hervey gets back. Tucker, Mitchell, Cavil, Gaylor, and Hervey are great receivers but defenses expect pass every play. Yesterday your running back had 6 carries for 5 yards. That's a 0.8 average.

I don't think it's the backs we have, it's the O lines inability to create holes for the backs.

it's a combination of the o-line being old and bad, the runningbacks not being able to find holes that the o-line is creating, the coaches not calling run plays to the strength of the running o-line, and the play-calling being 80% pass, and the runningbakcs not running to where the play is called

I agree with EE. You have had some good backs go through there. I think its the O-line, or the blocking schemes for the runs.

…the moral of this team is being eroded as well…like did you see in the second half yesterday TSN takes a little break to allow RR to respond to the question about driving a pass-happy offense…I know RR is not normally a Pinball/Copeland/Kidd type of interviewee but he was positively morose about his thoughts…this unbalanced offense is beginning to unbalance the offense…but that’s o.k. eh soupman?, we don’t mind…

we don't mind least not until after Oct 28th...


RUNNING THE FREAKING BALL 6 TIMES ISN"T GOING TO GET YOU 100 YARDS!!! I’m tired of everyone saying that we have no running game or that we don’t have the ability to run the ball. We don’t actually know if we can run the ball or not because we only do it 5 times a game!!! Every week Maciocia says 'we have to run the ball more and achieve more balance offensively." But I will believe it when I see it. Look at Saskatchewan yesterday. For Keith’s first 10 carries he had like 13 yards. But they kept running the ball, and look what happened. He eventually broke off a 20-yard run for a TD. That’s what a running game is all about. Pounding the ball and wearing down the defense until you have success.

Or let’s take a look at the NFL. How many times have you seen a player get 1 or 2 yards consistently for his first 12 carries, and then come 3rd quarter, he starts to break off runs of 5, 10 yards on each carry.

Running the ball allows your O-line to tee off on the DLs and LBs instead of the other way around, which in turn sets up the passing game. If the defense has to worry about a running back busting through the line on any given play, they won’t be as inclined to bust upfield to get the quarterback on every single down as we have seen defenses do against the esks this year.

the reason u DONT run the ball more than 5 times per game is BECAUSE the eskimos get NOWHERE on those 5 run attempts, so they stop the defence KNOWS every play will be a PASS play.....HENCE, the eskimos have NO run game.

News flash Eski-Moses.. you ARE one of the bottom feeders. The only team in the west that can really say it's not is BC. The rest of us are in a dogfight. BC is going to tear your one dimensional game apart.. and Danny M can't figure out a way to run the ball because he's not a good coach. He's just riding what's left of the wave of a real coach's previous success.

The Eskie coaches got fooled a bit by the Riders. The previous two games against the Stamps the Eskie defense held reynolds to very little yardage. Therefore they felt the Riders seeing this would not try to run against them. Guess what they did and it worked. The Eskies were caught off guard. I thought the Ekie defense did not play as well.

I hate to say it but , it looks like BC is going to be a couple DBs short next week. Ryan Philips injured his foot vs Montreal and Mark Washington broke his collar bone in the game also. Baron Miles was already out with the Chicken Pox for the game and may not be back by the next game either.
So if there ever was an opportunity for the Esks to win , this should be it with possibly only two starters in the D-backfield playing. Hopefully our guys can pin their ears back and go for Ray to make up.

Eski-moses sounds like he needs to eat some humble pie. 'Underachievers', 'we should be embarrassed', 'if we don't come out and hand BC's asses to them'. He makes it sound like 3rd place in the CFL is beneath the Eskimos. I agree the Eskimos could be doing better, but to utter dribble like that seems off base. Their record and place is fairly appropriate for their team this year. To suggest otherwise simply doesn't carry any weight. If there is any one team that is the class of this league this year, it is the Lions. They find ways to win, their quarterback depth is unbelievable, simply a solid team all around. Unfortunately for the Eskimos, you will just have to admit you have an average team this year.

Careful you will get moses steamed!

This will only encourage the Eskimos to pass more.... It's the run they need!

kudos to the Esks coaching staff for adjusting their game plan when they saw Saskabush running the ball over them ... if that's actually the case (I somewhat doubt the Esks would be naive enough to assume a team wouldn't run against them, based one them stopping another team's injured RB)

Anyway, you must remember we are talking about the All-Mighty Organization of the Eskimos, the one which deserves the Grey Cup each year, regardless of team ability. Heck all that spending has to buy you SOMETHING, right? Third place - how DARE you suggest such an atrocious notion! It has been decreed by Eskimo Nation that the Eskimos shall never finish worse than second! That is the word and that is how it shall be.

CancucKev: What is wrong with expecting and demanding the best from your team year in year out? Could that be why we have 30 some odd years of making the playoffs?

Nothing wrong with expecting and demanding the best ... but it kinda reminds me of the Rider Fan issue. Year after year they claim they'll win the Grey Cup, and year after year they don't.

Basically, sometimes you gotta expect your team to not be as good as it used to be ... past results bear nothing on tomorrow's game, ya know?

Even though the Stamps were the team of the 90's, I'd have been THRILLED with a playoff spot in '02, '03 or '04.

For heaven's sake, the Esks are still in second!!! What's there to complain about yet? You'd probably have to finish 5th to be denied a playoff spot.

At least I'm calling my team out, chump. At least I expect my team to win every week. What the hell is wrong with that?? I didn't discredit the Ri-Duhs for winning. I simply said we are underacheiving!? And I stated why. Perhaps that's why we demand so much from our team and why 40,000 people show up every home game while in Regina...well, your Grey Cup seems to come every June.

The Eskimos have to run the ball. The Esks need to start making plays. Do I need to get more black and white than that for your Gopher-head to get it? And here, I expect them to win next weekend. That's because we as fans and as an organization think like winners. Get the diference?