Never Forget Michael is watching!!

I'm sure if Michael Young were here he would be most impressed by the way his brother "Caretaker" Bob Young has taken his dream, his team and developed the Tiger-Cats into a great team, full of hard work, great play, plenty of action for the fans led by the traditional strong Cat defence's of today and of the past.

The new facility in Hamilton, Tim Horton's Field (The Donut Box) is an amazing showcase for CFL football and a great home for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and this years version of the 2015 team is great to watch and on course for a record breaking year.

The stadium is electrifying as many fans have said and I know Michael is cheering from above along with many great Tiger-Cat players and fans that have since passed who all knew the great tradition this team had and do have today of hard work led by strong defences, great special teams and offences that get the job done and find ways to win.

Next game we mark the jersey retirement of #68 Angelo Mosca who has been not only a great player, fan, supporter of the Tiger-Cats and the CFL and game in Canada but also a great human being. Lets honour the great Mosca in Hamilton on Thursday Aug 27th and pull out another win at home four the Tiger-Cats!!


I wholeheartedly concur. However, I take umbrage with the "donut box" monacher. Please do not call it that!

I'm sure Michael is watching and enjoying this season so far, you should check out the video on you tube, if I was smart enough I'd post the link, but it's an inspiring video and any tiger cat fan would shed a tear.

I think everyone had huge learning Curve when they started.

From The Front office to the coaches have learned every year

Hell I bet Mr Young will even admit

He knows more about football operation and marking now
then when he started.

I am very proud of the effort this year.
I’m sure if Michael is watching He’s Thrilled so far.

But the season is not even close to done

More work ahead to Bring Hamilton’ a title.

Ask and ye shall receive:

Thanks, this is a very emotional story and should bring tears to anyone with a heart, especially Tiger cat fans.