never felt this way ever...

I honestly don’t care if we have a marvelous comeback…or lose by another 28 points.

There’s actually no interest-- I’ll watch a bit of the 3rd…but I’ll then go to bed.
I’m tired.
I have never turned off a game before its over—whether we are dominating or losing terribly…

I literally have little interest.
A sad night–


good lord almighty

I'm in the same boat as you, my friends and I have turned the game off and have now resolved to playing NCAA football 07, much better football than what we were seeing!

I turned it off just before half time because it was sooo pathetic. I've never been so disappointed in a team. In this team. There seems to be no desire to win. They've either given up on themselves or they've given up on their coaches.

As I stated in another thread. Let's hear it for the Hamilton TigerCats...the Official Patsy's of the CFL!

This team can make any other team look good. If another team is in a slump, all they need do is come play the Cats. They'll almost be assured of a win, which will instill confidence in themselves. (And drive another nail in the coffin of the Ticats).

I have to agree. No use watching or going to these games. Most are not very entertaining and the overall calibre of play we see is really quite poor!

I did EXACTLY the same thing!

I gotta say... this team is ruining my weekends... I'd be better to take up basket weaving as a hobby... Bob always said the worst thing that could happen about anything this team does is if people just don't care...

People may be swinging this way. At least for the rest of this year...

I've already swung.Tonights game was a comedy of errors.

Bob always said the worst thing that could happen about anything this team does is if people just don't care...
Here's a thought .... In order to deliver the message to upper management, to make them aware of what the fans are really feeling, (if they don't already know) we have to "Not Care" and STOP USING THIS FORUM.


Whats worse about losing is we are paying lots of dough for once to players ,for once.

That makes it wierd to lose.

Never thought I'd say this,..... but I'm done this year. I am not going to another game nor will I plan to schedule my evenings around any home games.
So sorry to see Hitch' and a few others who bleed black and gold go through this bad time.
I don't have all the answers, on paper, we have a fighting chance on most nights....but we don't show up.
Me thinks DM/Davis for Maas was a CATastrophe from the gitgo.
Perhaps, start anybody but Maas next game and let him watch and learn, we gotta pay him anyways. (maybe something will light a fire under his ass!)How many overthrown? underthrown? into double-triple coverage?to his linemen?
Call it pressure, blame the receivers for their route running, I don't care... He's done in Hamilton.
Could be "Tom Clements Syndrome" resurfacing. Classic over achiever who just couldn't bring his A game to the Hammer.

If Danny Mac can ever call it a day, I'd like to think that as a leader, in his own right, he would be a good fit in the Hammer as a OC.
Good luck crew on the balance of the year.

Tom Clements, AC, Dieter Brock

The list goes on and on.